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  1. How do you feel about learning actionscript with very little prior programming and coding knowledge? With programs such as flash builder 4 out there does it make it pretty easy to create rich applications?
  2. tranch


    Having little prior programming knowledge before I began PHP I actually grasped the MVC concept pretty quickly. I think it is one of those things where if it is the way that you began to learn something it makes it much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel (ie learning how to do some sort of a compliable language then switching to an MVC style) - if that makes sense. Anyway I am definitely going to finish the PHP videos and work on a couple projects before I start to use codeigniter - but I think that a series on it would be really cool as there really aren't too many available that are any good or truly explain it to a beginning.
  3. tranch


    I have been hoping you might add a codeigniter course - I think it would be popular =). Thanks for the advice. I was messing with Codeigniter today and realized I was in a little over my head but I have some videos left to study still so I will do that first and leave it alone until then.
  4. tranch


    I haven't really found a real answer to this so I figured I would just come out and ask it. How much PHP should I know before I begin to use a framework, more specifically Codeigniter? I was just curious if there is a certain area that I should be more proficient in before I begin to try and use the framework.
  5. tranch

    mysql Error in PHP

    Yea I added that extra include in there for testing and a few extra lines- I didn't mean to send that to you that's why the line error was off. I just went in and completely recreated the members table and it works fine. Seems really weird lol. Sorry to waste your time I should have tried something like that first it was just a really odd issue I have never heard of recreating a table to fix something like that.
  6. tranch

    mysql Error in PHP

    it's the weirdest thing because if I change (for testing purposes) the sql statements from email to say id or password then it works just fine (as in no errors). It is almost like the program is not seeing the newly entered db column 'email' for some reason.
  7. tranch

    mysql Error in PHP

    Oh sorry i thought i attached it my bad register.php
  8. tranch

    mysql Error in PHP

    I definitely have the email column in the members table - it almost seems like it isn't finding it for some reason - not sure anyway here is the file. I appreciate your help man.
  9. tranch

    mysql Error in PHP

    I have looked around for a solution for about the last 2 hours but I haven't had any luck. This is the error I am getting: Warning: mysqli::prepare() [mysqli.prepare]: (42S22/1054): Unknown column 'email' in 'field list' in /home/content/41/6344941/html/php/login/register.php on line 88 Fatal error: Call to a member function bind_param() on a non-object in /home/content/41/6344941/html/php/login/register.php on line 89 Error 2 definitely is tied to the first error so that isn't a big deal. I am actually working on the Login Script training videos right now. I am on part 11 (retrieve lost password). Anyway at the end of the video when I go to load my script this is my error. I also loaded in the downloadable files from Ben and I get the same error so it has to be something other than the code I think. Any help would be great! Thanks =).
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