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  1. Thanks for the imput. I watched your vidcast. It sort of disappears when getting to where to put the wordpress folder. I've tried your suggestions and went back to the orig set up vidcast for a refresher. Safari still won't let me go to localhost and wp config. Some piece of info is missing from both vidcasts. Probably something simple. Since everyone seems to be using Firefox I'm hoping that's the problem. I use Sea Monkey mostly but Safari is default. I'll download it. Hopefully that is the problem.
  2. Is there a video that shows how to set up the localhost on MAMP/WordPress interface? It's glossed over, done off screen so to speak, in the intro WP videos I've seen? I keep trying, but haven't gotten Wordpress up and going using MAMP with the WPlocalhost. Safari keeps telling me it can't find localhost server even though I point to the Worpress Folder on my hard drive. I want to work exclusively on my computer with no server involved. Is that the problem? It's never really explained.
  3. Thanks. I saw your screencast. Any more help would be appreciated.
  4. Just started learning Wordpress. I'm seem to be stuck at setting up my computer as a local host. The vid tapes don't show how to set up Mamp to direct to local host on my computer. It's mentioned, but not described. I have a blogsite, but I'd rather practice on my computer first.
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