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  1. Hi, I want to learn css and html from scratch? anybody suggest me the best site which is usefulll for me?
  2. Hi, How to learn the php basics? i am very new to php and i dont know from where to start and i need some basic tutorials can anybody suggest me the site where i can learn from scratch?
  3. I wanted to learn HTML, not XHTML, aren't they different?
  4. How do I indent text on my web page or in HTML?
  5. Hi, I am new to html so anybody can help me how to improve my html knowledge i mean from which point i have to start what are the basic thing's and what is the difference between HTML-XHTML? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank's
  6. Hi, you can use joomla or wordpress both of them are good for CMS i have worked on joomla but i don't know much about wordpress i think it is good for blogs. In joomla you can handle things easily it is very user-freindly you can manilptulate the data as you can why don't you give a try...
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