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  1. I've had this headache for the last day now trying to install this damn XFBML Facebook Like Button. They key ingredient for installing this is having the Javascript SDK.. which sounds easy enough, I mean, I've installed Javascript programs before (Jquery, Script.alicous, etc..) I am by no means a master yet but I sort of know my way around building a website yet this whole process has me feeling as dumb as a drunken caveman.\ They say "install" the Javascript SDK.. so I download the files on Github. unzip my files to the desktop.. then I see this folder with files in it... html files, demo pages, some .js files. This is where I get stuck. Where does the installing come in here? do I just transfer the single folder in to the root of my site? or separate manually the .js files into the .js folder and so on? Someone please either tell me how to do this.. or link to a dumb persons guide on how to do this. A lot of the tutorials I've found have been for Wordpress themes and whatnot.. but not actual pages. I will be so grateful once someone helps me out here.. This whole process makes me feel like an idiot, I don't like it at all.. and here I was thinking I knew something..
  2. Ok thank you very much. I'll do some research and testing and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.
  3. I believe Stephen also mentioned parsing RSS feeds when displaying the posts on an external page. Do you remember exactly what your tutorial video was called in the Killersite University? There's just so many videos to go through I don't want to be on the wrong track.. sounds like I'm close though, and you definitely know what I'm talking about so that makes me happy. I'm thinking once you let me know of the tutorial you did I will actually sign up for the program, definitely seems worth it. Also, your PHP/SimpleXML link appears to be broken..
  4. I've been trying to implement the excerpt function from WordPress to put news updates/summary's from my blog on to my non WordPress index.php page. Even after reading through most of the WordPress documentation I still can't see how to do this !?. It seems like I would have to just point to the news summary on my index.php page.. but I've been trying to understand functions such as The_Content().. and have been having no luck. Can anyone on here help me out with a bit of a step by step process on how to do this? Thank you for your time. -John.F
  5. Ok thanks alot! even just you giving me the right word to search for, "Pagination" is a big step forward! I'll try to learn and get my head around it now, thanks
  6. I also sent a message to Stefan about this but thought I'd also post this here hello all I have a question regarding a programming skill that I see done well in many websites that aren't just using Wordpress or Blogger (which I have made an oath to myself to stay away from just so I can learn to do everything the completely manual way.) Archiving news updates! I've only had my website up for about a month so I haven't completely filled the main page with updates yet; although my site will be churning out tons of content on average twice daily once I figure out the best way to archive all of the updates I do once the main page becomes full. Another example of what I'm talking about is just having an Older Posts option at the end of all my 20 or so news updates then youll be put to Page 2.. A site such as http://www.kotaku.com , or any of the Gawker.com sites do this very well... TONS of content and at the bottom you can select from Page 2,3,4,5,6,7..etc (you get the point . I realize you could essentially create a new .html page for each page.. indexpg2.html, indexpg3.html.. and so on but this seems like the clumsy, non-professional, non-efficient way of doing things.. and once you get to the 50page mark or so it would just be a huge headache to push every page back one just because of a site update. I've talked to one friend about it who somewhat knows a thing or two about programming but he's terrible at teaching anything. He mentioned how Kotaku must use a Database to be able to post and maintain that much content.. Is this true? Should I just learn more PHP to the point of being able to create a database and then go from there? will that allow me to archive content on my site more easily, and efficiently? Again, I realize that if you create a site in Wordpress or through Blogger.com that everything to archive news posts is implemented.. but I don't want to use those programs! I want to feel the sense of accomplishment when I learn to do it myself. Thanks guys.
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