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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will have 25 results per page to break it up. I really want to try and return the results using less resources. I figured that so many queries running at the same time with so many records in so many tables would really slow it down. My goal is to gauge for large amounts of traffic and have efficient code and queries to handle it fast. Do you think I am over thinking it? Perhaps my query could be optimized. SELECT table1.p_id, table1.r_name, table1.account_activated, table1.r_phone, table1.r_fax, table1.r_address_1, table1.r_address_2, table1.r_city, table1.r_p
  2. Hello All, (using php,mysql,jquery,javascript) I have a database of about 1 million products. I will be using a jquery/ajax server call to retrieve records based on a filters. scenario: Search for a hardrive within 5 miles of my house. When the results are displayed, show filters like hard drive size, external, internal, etc.. Use the jquery/ajax call to return filtered results on the fly (user doesn't leave page). Filters are toggled. A user can view the product or navigate elsewhere and return to the search results page where they left off. As of now, it will query through a m
  3. I have spent the entire day searching, trying, pulling out my hair, and I cannot yet find a solution. I am rather new to javascript, so I'm sure that my verbiage might be wrong here. I am using jquery for a window box. I am also using an XMLHttpRequest/ActiveXObject request to pull dynamic content from the db. Everything works perfectly in Firefox and other browsers except for IE (using v8). onClick of a link will call the script below and load that into a div called iteminfo. Only in IE, the iteminfo content does not load until the mouse is moved off of the screen (out of the display area
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