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  1. Been at this one for so long that I'm not seeing the wood for the trees. You know what it's like... Anyway, here's the problem... I've got a nested list on my site navigation. The parent list font size is set to 1.2em (12px). I want the sub-list to be 1em (10px). The code, I thought, should look something like this: Code: #sitenav ul li ul li{font-size:1em;} I've tried every combination I can think of and just can't get the font to the size I want! Could someone please put me out of my misery?!?! And yes, I am embarrassed to be asking such an easy question!
  2. People are in two minds about whether websites should offer a separate site for mobiles or whether this is unnecessary because current accessibility guidelines cater for device-independent sites (and mobile browsing offers some of the same restrictions that a person with a disability might experience). I think it depends on the function of the website and the target audience (e.g. corporate vs. consumer) to some degree, which a site that is accessible might not necessarily fulfil. However, I'm not even approaching being an expert on this! So, what do you think? Do you think that beca
  3. Hello all, we are recently added some new pages to our website. and few days back we uploaded sitemap.xml for fast index of new pages. is there any other technique for fast indexing of new pages? please suggest me ... This is our link: eluminoustechnologies.com
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    Not many communities style Definition Lists other than at Accessify. Has anyone had extra bottom padding ...in FireFox because it is driving me nuts. I have CSS displayed block to the dt, and cleared and floated dl, dt and dd. Update: I have a feeling it is the dd giving extra bottom margin so it appears the dl has extra padding. Sadly I can not provide any public URLs.
  5. Our Virtual Assistants team was formed independent entrepreneurs; we work remotely and use the latest technology to deliver professional administrative, creative, managerial, technical, business back-office and/or personal support services to busy professionals. http://bit.ly/b9P3fS

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