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  1. So nothing in the free category that can do that?
  2. Thank you very much for all the help. I do not have a Mac. One more question though. What I really need is a program that not only can create pdf's but I need to be able to easily combine multiple pdf's into one file. Would any of the recomendations that were made work for that? Thanks a lot!
  3. I need to know what the best options would be for buying a program to convert files to PDF? I need a program that convert files to PDF and that can make multiple pdf's combine into multiple pages in one file. Looking for best prices and best programs and the best combo of reasonable price and good program? Need help. Thanks a lot.
  4. Thank-you!!!!! It worked. Your right I need to learn php. That's on my to do list.
  5. I tried changing the background color to black and I cleaned up those tags like you said. Still no luck?
  6. Here is a link to what the page looks like My link Hope that helps
  7. But as far as this particular problem. No ideas how to get rid of the white line?
  8. I wonder if I have an older version of IExplorer set as my primary preview in browser. How do I change my what I preview my pages in. I use Firefox with ctrl f12 now and ie with f12. Maybe once I actually get this put on the web it won't be a problem? Thanks.
  9. Tried putting that in- didn't work either. Thanks anyways. Hopefully someone can help me get this figured out?
  10. Here maybe this will work? Let me know? index.html renegade_template.css
  11. Sorry, I'm still kinda new at this stuff. Is there any way to show you if I still haven't put it on the web yet? Can I attach it here or something?
  12. I am trying to put a bridge gallery onto my dreamweaver page for my website but a vertical white line is showing up on the right side of the gallery. I am using an iframe to insert the bridge gallery onto my page. The white line only seems to appear when using internet explorer. Firefox it is A ok. How can I fix this or insert my gallery in a different way to avoid this?
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