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  1. At a glance, it seems there is no closing braces for an if statment Line : if (isset($_POST["username"])&& isset($_POST["password"])){ never gets closed as far as I can see
  2. jstern

    looking for an IDE

    We use NetBeans at work. I've tried pretty much all of them out there and IMO Netbeans is the best. Especially if you can take the time to setup XDebug fully. Awesome De-bugging makes my life so much easier.
  3. I dont think this will cause any errors, but the line $headers = "From: $from"; isnt printing whats in the variable, rather literally "From: $from" since the variable isnt escaped. Which might cause the line: $send = mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers); to fail (.?) I've never sent headers using mail() before, and would also explain why send2 works (uses a different header ($headers2)) My suggestion: change: $headers = "From: $from"; to: $headers = "From: " . $from;
  4. jstern

    CSS in IE

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and for the info Ben. I using a pre-made js script (menumatic) for this drop down so im not sure if they are using css3. I like your idea of using images, maybe I'll just uses a js hover for it if no better solution can be found. As for the red lines, it sounds like a graphic card problem, the red lines will disappear as he scrolls down or up (but will appear in other places). Not sure what im going to do to solve that for him now.
  5. jstern

    CSS in IE

    Sorry - also my client says he sees 'red lines' showing up everywhere on this site using his laptop with IE 8. If anyone else sees this, would you let me know of any tips on how i can fix it? (I have IE 8 on my desktop and dont see random red lines, and i can't replicate the effect using any of my browsers...)
  6. jstern

    CSS in IE

    Can anyone tell me how i can put the 'rounded corners' effect on my horizontal main links. The rounded corners can be seen in Firefiox, but IE shows them as square and I'd like to keep these consistent (rounded if possible) www.safechoicesolutions.com
  7. jstern

    jQuery plugins

    $("#myform").buildForm(formdata) => jquery.("#myform").buildForm(formdata);
  8. jstern

    jQuery plugins

    Are you sure you have the jquery plugin loaded? If your positive (check the view source headers) try: $("#myform").buildForm(formdata); Try changing the '$' to 'jquery' Thats what I can tell at quick glace.
  9. JohnD! Another Zend hopeful! I work in the Zend Framework environment everyday and absolutely love it. I purchased a Book from amazon to get started with Zend Framework. The website for this book is http://akrabat.com/zend-framework-tutorial/ IBM also has some decent tutorials for getting started with your learning. http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/library/os-php-zend1/ It took me a while to get started with basics and with PHP now being OOB was new to me (since I hadn't programmed anything in over 5 years prior to jumping right back into it full time). You'll catch on quick, and once you've got the basics about how the framework works together, you'll be cruising. I read this board often, so let me know if you have any questions, I can try to help
  10. I would think about looking into using Cache if it's information your passing along like your example.
  11. Sounds like Zend Framework would be your best friend. This site has some good introductions and explainantions. Check the official sites (of course) as well
  12. Im definatley not a javascript guy but this line tells me its looking for less than 0. Try < 1 or == 0
  13. Well using the GeoIP you'd still need to get the clients IP, but you'll need a list of IP's to test against, which it provides. You could probably do some google searching for a list of GBP and/or EU IP addresses (for example 34.102.*.* could be a EU IP, so you'd have code that say if users IP in_array(list of Europe IP's) then display currency in pounds, else USD))
  14. We use http://www.maxmind.com/app/ip-location (GeoIP) works pretty well, but i have to manually download / update the IP list monthly. There might be another way I haven't really looked into it.
  15. Thanks newseed, I have created a thread on their forum.. I wonder if the MOBO would be under warranty if thats the case? I may have waiting a little to long at this point.
  16. Hey all, this question is unrelated to this forum, so I was wondering if anyone knows a good hardware community for me to present my problems. I bought an MDG computer a couple years back, and Ive had constant problems with Hard Drives getting Bad Sectors to the point of un usability. I have actually gone though 5 Hard Drives (on my 6th right now). All western digital SATA 500GB - 750 GB drives. Luckily replaced under warranty each time, but i'm sure the warranties will be up soon if not already. The computer doesn't get moved around, and I don't have any power outages, so I believe this is is related to another piece of hardware, but i don't know how-to troubleshoot this. One friend thinks the MOBO is to blame, I have a gut feeling its a PSU voltage issue, but dont have a voltage meter to even confirm this. This last HD (WD Cavier Black) i put in, I tried something new, formatted a 10 GIG partition with ubuntu to NFTS for my windows 7, and created a separate Partition of about 700GB to FAT32 as storage, media, downloads, work will go here. So far so good, but i im confident it wont stay good for long through previous drive experience with this machine. Every night i run a defrag and a chkdsk with repair bad sectors if found. Nothing yet, but like I said, i don't believe it will stay good. Any advice from Killer Community, or at least a helpful link to a community would be appreciated.
  17. jstern

    Hacked htaccess

    Its extremely difficult to determine how someone got in without access to logs. Due to the hits being doubled, i would guess someone ran a exploit scan script on their domain name and found a security hole in something found. This script would be pre-built to scan a list of domains for certain files with known security holes. I dont know if this site has anything to do with 'mnemonics'? Does this folder look entirely suspicious or is it supposed to be part of the website? If not, I'd be interested to know whats in this platform.php that was added to the htaccess file. The disallows and allow in the .htaccess is normal, but again, if that folder isn't supposed to be there the bottom two lines should probably be removed.
  18. last thing i would try is quoting the table name. change this line: //mysql_query("INSERT INTO CREATE TABLE comments (name,email,comment) VALUES ('$name','$email','$comment') ") ; to this mysql_query("INSERT INTO `CREATE TABLE comments` (name,email,comment) VALUES ('$name','$email','$comment')"); note the backtick '`' rather than using quoting the table name. You know that this means that it is commented out and this line will not be executed with the '//' in front? The slashes in front means this line never gets called.
  19. try renaming the table in your database, rather than altering the code to match. I'm not sure how the spacing will be handled when trying to connect this way. Also, it doesn't look like your selecting the database to write to. try inserting this just before the 'INSERT INTO' mysql_select_db("bestado2_table"); In fact, try doing just this, to be assured that your conecting to the Database at all: <?php mysql_connect("localhost","EdwardBrown3236","buckeye3") or die(mysql_error()); echo "Connected to MySQL<br />"; mysql_select_db("bestado2_table") or die(mysql_error()); echo "Connected to Database"; ?> Once again, I would rename the table in the database to 'comments' rather than 'CREATE TABLE comments' as this will probably cause headaches and confusion down the road. (If not already).
  20. Ive looked at some CMS systems, but i'm personally not a very big fan yet. Wordpress has some nice templates and layouts, but Ive had more problems with getting proper versions, and such than I care to take time on fixing. I'm sure its a lot easier than I make it out to be. I plan on donating a site to a homebuilder friend of mine and using wordpress for that, so maybe I'll learn a few more things and change my mind then. I plan on doing pretty much everything from scratch, using PHP - Zend Framework, even the admin panel. (Which wont be as eccentric as Wordpress, just a login and edit a text box to update a specific area.) Thanks for all the SVN info, I'll start taking a look!
  21. Hey all, just wanted to express my recent excitement over the fact that I have landed a contract with a small company to complete their web site. I am more of a developer than a designer, but am looking forward to getting starting on their project. Does anyone know of you use a free SVN service anywhere? Ive been looking around a little bit, but haven't found any to be free and still offer a decent package. I plan to get the engine rolling with this project and bring a friend of mine on board to start helping out, which s why i'd like a repository we can both commit changes / bug fixes to. Googles any good? From what I understood, it must stay shared to public, which i'm not very fond of. Also, the site will be mostly informational & approx 7 static pages, and a small admin section for them to update news, events etc. I quoted them $1500 for these pages, but domain name, plus year of hosting. Does this sound pretty low-ball? The general manager accepted immediately, which made me second guess the number. (However I am friends with the GM, which might be the reason he didn't second guess the price). My plan is to slowly incorporate additions to their site over time, when they can afford it. (Staff Scheduling, their customers get access to files etc..) Any feedback would be appreciated. I already have a good vision of the site and think it'll be one of the more fun projects I'll do in a while.
  22. try adding that tag to the end of the link. The link in your flash A would like something like <A HREF='http://www.domain.com/link.php?resetcache=true'>
  23. Have you tried adding ?resetcache=true to the address.
  24. jstern

    video php crud

    Just a quick skim over the above script, I noticed this line: if ($firstname == '' || $lastname == '') try changing this to: if ((!isset($firstname)) || (!isset($lastname))) { I tend to use the isset method rather than comparing to empty strings. Im not sure if this will fix your problem, but I believe it is a better way to compare against. I have has problems in the past doing it the way this script does. I haven't tested this unfortunately.
  25. I agree that using NetBeans made my life millions of times easier. (Especially hooking up XDEBUG properly.) But it sounds like using something a little more user-friendly like Dreamweaver would be beneficial for your needs. If you start getting into a decent sized project with lots of code (PHP or alike) then I would consider NetBeans. For your HTML / CSS etc, Dreamweaver would work better. I checked out summerhost.info to, looks pretty sweet for a free webhost. I wouldnt consider any of their paid hosting packages, but but I liked what they offered as free services.
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