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  1. htmlrich

    Flash Vid stops playing

    That worked!! Thanks...I guess when it uploaded the first time it was only a partial upload...
  2. htmlrich

    Flash Vid stops playing

    ok, thanks...I'll try that
  3. htmlrich

    Flash Vid stops playing

    Hi there, I am trying to place a flash player and video on our companies website. We were featured on the ABC news in WEst Palm Beach. I can get it to play, but it stops after 1:18. I can't figure out why. Offline, the video plays all the way thru. My process was I first converted the WMV file to an FLV file which was sucessful. Then i downloaded one of two FREE programs that creates the HTML for you to upload to the server. I uploaded all the correct files and it plays nicely but stops at 1:18. thanks in advance.... Here is the vid www.aabaco.com/abcoilvid.html
  4. htmlrich


    I'm kinda confused at to what to put in my HIDDEN fields at the bottom of the page. I need to make this checkbox required but if I do it your way, then both have to be checked to pass the form. I changed it to radio boxes and this works fine. Thanks for your help anyways...
  5. htmlrich


    I have a vacation rental website. The owner wants in his contact form to be able to choose between his two properties or both when submitting an inquiry....Ok easy enough...I have set up checkboxes...When a viewer chooses either one it gets emailed to me perfectly...When the viewer chooses both properties (ie: puts checkmarks on both properties) only one of the properties gets listed in the email. here is the form http://www.myfloridabeachrentals.com/contactusrentals.html thanks in advance.