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  1. Thanks to newseed, this issue has been resolved.
  2. It doesn't seem to be doing anything. I tried changing all of them, even exaggerating them -- changed cY to 300 -- and don't see any real difference. The top left corner of the box follows the bottom right corner of the hand/cursor, so if the hover/link is toward the bottom of the page, the box can be cut off.
  3. Thanks for replying, newseed. I have, but they mean nothing to me: var cX = 0; var cY = 0; var rX = 0; var rY = 0; Do these hace anything to do with the box reference point? Dos that even exist in js? Thanks, Hankuri
  4. Hello, I'm trying to fix a problem for a colleague -- was able to deal with the html/css but the js "tooltips" do not always fit in the window. I can't find a way to set a reference point for the box, but hauto, vauto, and vcenter seem logical to me - -though I can't figure out how/where to add them. The existing code seems overly complex (setting if/elses for x and y in a variety of circumstances) and it doesn't solve the problem. If it's allowable, I could post a link here to show the problem. (I'll try the link insert button?!) This shows the problem. Thanks, Hankuri
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