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  1. Andrea, thank you for the html-form website. I took a quick glance at it and it looks like a good review. I will look at it when I can spend some quality time with it. Hopefully in the next few days. Stefan, to answer your questions... I have tested all the forms many times. They always work, with the exception of forms under development that I missed something with, but once I got them running they were consistently fine. I know when the form (or rather the email) has failed because in my code shown above, the "URL to another webpage" for the "success" value is another webpage where
  2. Hi Andrea. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I've been busy and trying to keep up. The HTML form is very basic, the method is 'post' to a 'cgi-bin' script that processes email, nothing special at all, and it has worked for years with very little problems until recently. The following is a sample of part of the code. <form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/cgiemail/memorialprocess.txt"> <label for="required-memoryofname"><strong>In Memory of</strong></label> <input type="text" name="required-memoryofname" size="50" /><em> - Required</em> <
  3. Hello. I manage a not-for-profit website that has several HTML forms that generate emails to me with information such as name, address etc. The forms have worked great for many years with very few problems. However, in the last couple of months there have been several intermittent instances where a website visitor completed the form, clicked Submit, but I never received the email. So, either the email was not generated, or something prevented me from receiving the email. My spam settings do not block the emails. If I try the form myself as a test, the form always works fine and I receive the
  4. Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I think you are right, the user opened a cached version of the page and sent the email with data from the older page. I was able to do a bit of a test today that seems to indicate that's what happened. It sounds like PHP would be a very good way to go. I haven't ventured into PHP yet so that might be a bit much for me at this time. Would it be possible to do something with javascript that would force a webpage to refresh when a user visits the webpage? Would a forced refresh of some sort override a local cached file? Just wondering if there would be
  5. Something happened today involving an HTML form on a website I manage and I don't know how it could have happened. The cause of the problem doesn't seem like a problem with the form itself but maybe a symptom of something else happening. The HTML form is used for class registration. I last updated the webpage and form on 5/16. Today (on 5/23) I received a registration form email from the form, however the options selected were they way they looked prior to 5/16, not matching the current webpage on the server. It's as if there are two webpages, the current webpage and the previous version
  6. I am experiencing a problem with the Dreamweaver CS5 Synchronize function. When I select the 'Delete remote files not on local drive' option on the Synchronize Files window, the 'Preview' screen lists many files that should not be deleted. System files and folders are identified that should not be deleted, such as '/cgi/cgiecho', '/log/raw/etc', '.htaccess', 'access.01..' and on and on. In Manage Sites I have the Root Directory defined as the root folder of the website. I have the Web URL defined as the URL of the website. Of course I cannot proceed with the delete remote files functio
  7. Thank you everyone for the helpful advice, the links, and quick responses. I am going to give the HTML 4.01 Strict a try and see how much trouble I can get into! <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> Thanks again, Paul
  8. The more I read about DOCTYPEs the more confusing it seems to me. There are a lot of opinions about it. I am redoing a website, all the html and getting into CSS farther than I ever have. Before I get too many webpages redone I want to determine once and for all which DOCTYPE I should use. I am using Dreamweaver CS4 and noticed if I create a new HTML document using one of the default templates, here is the DOCTYPE that is included; <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.o
  9. The first link is page not found. I am going to put Firefox on a different computer than the one that DW is loaded on. I keep one computer fairly free of experimenting around with different browsers. The website updates keep steadily coming and I don't want to have any problem issues on the production computer. I think I will just live with the message, but thank you for your time and input!
  10. When I click on the Flash Player link under "Firefox/Safari/Opera" it brings up the webpage to download "Adobe Flash Player version" Windows, Internet Explorer. It seems like the webpage is checking to see what browser I am using, which is IE. Either that or their link is going to the wrong webpage. This is what I ran into before when I went searching for the plugin. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. I have looked around for the answer to this question and found some information, however, I cannot seem to find the correct plugin by name, and some of the info seemed to have a lot more steps than what should be necessary to stop the error. Whenever I click 'Live View' in DWCS4 I get the warning 'The Flash Plugin was not found. To view Flash content in Live View install the Netscape/Firefox Flash Plugin from Adobe.' I don't use Netscape or FireFox on the computer that I have DWCS4 loaded on so I'm not sure why should I have to update the plugin in the first place. However, to try and
  12. Here is a revised version of the webpage I was having trouble with. http://home.mindspring.com/~paulc12/example4g.htm This version is better than the original and looks good in IE7. In DWCS4, in the Design window and Live View, there is additional space appearing above the 'Some Stuff' heading and after each of the last LI's. The extra spaces are not present in IE7. The inconsistencies are sure frustrating.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions on which browsers to test with. That is the same list I was thinking of. Also, thanks for the advice on setting a width on the outer element and adding padding to inner elements. That sounds like a good approach and I will give it a try!
  14. Thanks for your help and suggestions, I will check the links out. Overall I am having a hard time understanding what is the best way to locate elements precisely where you want them on the page (including the padding for text) without setting a width and using margins/padding on the same element. I've been reading several CSS books and have run through tutorials, and I know there is a lot more to learn. The books only seem take you so far.
  15. Thank you for the help. This has given me some things to think about. When you suggested avoiding setting a width/height and using margins/padding on the same element, can you tell me which element you were referring too? I am so new to this much CSS my head is spinning. When I view the webpage with the revised code it does look a lot better. The bullets are missing from the LI's but I can probably run that down. I am viewing the page in IE7. I can also check it in IE8 on another computer. Unfortunately I don't have a computer with IE6 to check it. I bought DWCS4 a couple months ago and it kee
  16. I was able to get the layout to work but used tables to assist. Here is a link to the example webpage. http://home.mindspring.com/~paulc12/example3.htm I am torn about using tables since I am trying to get away from using tables for layout. Would prefer to get it to work with CSS.
  17. Thanks. I gave that a try and it has some problems. Here is a link to the tweaked webpage. http://home.mindspring.com/~paulc12/example2.htm I tried floating content-right to the right and there were some position problems.
  18. Thank you for taking a look at it. Here is a link to an image file that shows where the text should be positioned. Of course the real webpage will not have the color text, that was my attempt to try and explain what I meant. http://home.mindspring.com/~paulc12/images/example_layout.GIF It seems like this should be really simple to do.
  19. This is my first post here. I've used CSS in the past for some text formatting. I am building a new website to replace a table-based design site. I'm trying to use style sheets and not use tables. I'm getting into lots of CSS I've never used before. I have two layout problems and spent lots of time trying to resolve them. Maybe the solution is simple and I just cannot see it. A link is included to an example of the problems. http://home.mindspring.com/~paulc12/example.htm Problem One: I want the Special List (text in green) to align against the left edge of the div under the list on
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