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  1. Thank you for replying to my problem. It definitly doesn't have the hidden .txt extenstion on them. The weird thing is that if i make a completely new addition within any of the files (i.e. pictures, forms) it will reflect it. But if I try to remove those pictures, forms or change the text, it doesnt reflect that, even if I completely delete the files I uploaded and then load the new files from scratch.
  2. Here is my issue. I change the html extension to a .txt and make all of the appropriate changes to the text, minor things like grammer. Next I save it, change the extension back to html and upload it but the text on the website never reflected my changes. I checked back to make sure I saved the changes before changing the extension back to html, and I definitly did. I even copied on of the preexisting pages, made alterations and saved it as a 'contact.html' and that one upload and reflected the way I intended it to. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? It seems as when I upload the corrected html files, they are not overwriting the original ones. Maybe I need to delete the old files and reload the new files.
  3. Fantastic!!!!! should the html files go in an html folder or just upload but not specified to a folder? The only other files are files are .png but I'm assuming they should go in the 'image' folder. Thank you so so so very much!!!
  4. ww w.knrtrans lation.com [remove spaces] I've attached one of the .mht files.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion but I already tried that software. I extracted the picures, tabs, the .css file and the .js file and put them nice and neat into a folder but i don't know what to do with that :|
  6. Hello: I'm extremely new to this and don't understand the verbage yet. I had someone begin a site for me, he flaked out, so I'm trying to do it myself. I'm up for the challenge The site he began for me has been taken down and I don't have the original source codes (even though I paid for them). I was able to go into my internet history and get the source codes from those but they are .mht files. Is there a way i can use these to upload (FTP) to my site? Thank you in advance.