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  1. Forgive me for being ignorant. What is AP?
  2. Eric, think I might have found something. It is based on something called supersized, but need to look into it a bit to see if I have the ability to customize it to my needs.
  3. Eric, thanks for taking time out. The images on that site slide via clicking the + or -. The sliding is in flash. Guessing if there is a way to create a full browser slider, that would be a start. Then be able to have it user controlled (you know click to slide in the next). From there, would need to figure out a way to have a menu sit to the left above the images that are sliding in. Easier to think it, then make it.
  4. Neither can mine! And with the new iPad, won't be able to see it there either.
  5. Thanks so much for the speedy response! I've implemented lightbox and unless I am incorrect essentially pops up a larger view. Seeking to have the images fill the frame as in this example, in fact wondering if I can build the entire site with jquery to function like this: http://j.mp/5U79i1
  6. OK, new to the boards. I prefer jQuery over flash and not sure how to tackle this, so please advise as best you can. Trying to create a site that allows for images to go full browser and then have the ability to have the other images slide in based on a click. I also want to float a menu that will allow it to pull in other media (video, that would slide in the same way). The best example I can share is this: http://j.mp/5U79i1 What he is using is flash based (slideshowpro director and slideshow pro for flash). Not interested in flash for this personal project. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. thanks in advance.
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