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  1. newseed you are a star mate. You've no idea how long I have been trying to sort this out. In two minutes it is all sorted thanks to you. BRILIANT!! TW
  2. Hi All, I am running DW CS4 having come over from MS Frontpage 2003 and I am struggling a bit. My main problem is the positioning of a div tag in several but not all pages: e.g. This is the page where I set up my main css style which I link to any new pages and this page centres ok: http://www.tj-photography.co.uk/index.html This page content moves over to the left side in Chrome, Firefox and Safari http://www.tj-photography.co.uk/portfolio.html I've tried comparing the code between the pages but nothing stands out. If anyone can help please bear in mind I am fairly new to Dreamweaver and know very little about Code? I set the following page up around the same time doing what I thought was the same procedure and it centres ok???? http://www.tj-photography.co.uk/themes.html Any consructive help would be great.
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