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  1. Thanks. You're absolutely right. I actually read part of that post but forgot about it.
  2. Hi. I want to click on a link on my page and have it open a video in that same page; I don't want it to navigate to another page. In the Killersites University section, the tutorials do this. You click the name of the video to open it and it opens on top of the page you are on. This is PRECISELY what I want to do. Help? I don't know that this is Javascript but posted here because that's my best guess. Thanks!!
  3. I started learning HTML a couple weeks ago and Javascript last night, so bear with me. My goal: I want to build a checkbox tree in a form. The tree will have a few levels--let's say Country, State, and City. I can do this easily with nested lists in HTML, but want a few snazzy features: a) I want to be able to expand or collapse each section of the tree. If I click "United States", I get a list of states. If I then click "Alabama" I get a list of cities in Alabama. (My current code does this, but I want to get rid of the bullets from the list formatting.) Each country/state/city w
  4. I started learning PHP yesterday with the help of Stefan's videos, so I'm a newb and will be posting lots of questions in the next few weeks. Most of them will be easy to answer--just seems like a waste of time to search all day for an elementary answer when I could just post something. Bear with me. Situation: I have an HTML form with text boxes. I know how to print the text received in the form. For instance, if I have 2 boxes--"First Name" and "Last Name"... print $_POST['name_first']; print $_POST['name_last']; will render Mary Jane Smith (if the First Name value is "Ma
  5. Thank you all for your input! I'll try my hand at PHP. Stefan, thus far your PHP videos have been very helpful. I'm far from being able to build a site in PHP, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.
  6. I am a beginner. I took a course on HTML so I can build your basic 5-page static HTML website, but that's it. I want to build a more complicated site but don't know how or what tools to use. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. The idea is as follows: The purpose of my site is to create a custom URL that will take you to a very specific place in a different site that is very large and has poor search capability. (I am not the administrator of that site, but I can make it's search capability better through my site.) My site is a search page that has both text boxes and check boxes
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