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    thanks for this information but honestly, I am a bit lost. I am an amateur webmaster and only maintain my hotel website with little more experience than that in managing websites. I can understand HTML code but as for this stuff with the PHP and captcha, I am confused; please can someone explain it in layman's terms? Also, the hotel is not equipped for the blind and we have never had a blind guest so I would venture to say that that is not an issue in my case (at this point in time).
  2. bandolero


    so then all i have to do is input this one line of code on my form and it should help to prevent auto-fill ?
  3. bandolero


    I have been getting a steady flow of garbage in my on-line form for requesting availability in my hotel. I searched the web to find a way of preventing programs from completing the form without success; I have seen other forms requiring verification with an alpha/numeric random code. I'm told by Stefan that what I'm seeking is called a captcha; can anyone in this forum please tell me how to put this captcha program onto an on-line form. Many thanks.
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