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  1. "Homework - why? It's all there in 5 easy steps." Duh, I see now! I had not had my coffee yet when I posted that message this morning. Thanks so much - this is exactly the information I needed! You are all super - hope you have a great week!
  2. Thanks Benjamin! I know nothing about jQuery, so I'll need to do a little homework, but it sounds like this might be the way to go. The only other hurdle I have to ensure that this all works on IE 6 and IE7, because those are the only browsers that the company I work for support. I have tried to convince them to skip IE7 and go directly to 8, which would make my development a LOT easier, but they have not tested 8 and therefore will not be installing it on the company PCs. So, my last question is, will the "hiding/showing" divs (layers) work in IE6 & 7, because I thought I had read a while
  3. Thanks Andrea and Eric! I worked a little bit with PHP before when I took a continuing ed course, but I'm not sure I can go that route because I will not have access to the server (isn't PHP server side only?) and I also do not have access to any database on the server where this web site is going to reside. I have heard about jQuery, but not sure if that is a viable solution unless I doesn't require access to the server and/or a database. Eric, does jQuery require a database, or can you simply use it to call HTML files? Thank you both for you help!
  4. I am very new to JavaScript and was wondering if I can accomplish what I want to do using it. I have a single HTML page setup with CSS DIVs. I have a main "content" DIV where I want to display another HTML page, when a button is clicked. Basically, I want to use one "main" HTML page to display the content (in its "content" DIV) of another smaller HTML page, depending on a button action; is this something that can be done using CSS and JavaScript, or will I have to resort to using frames? Thanks so much for any help you can offer! Candee
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