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  1. Once again the ideal answer. Was that a form of javascript? Anyway everything now validates everyway possible so I finally moved on to the cart. So I had put hyphens instead of dots to split pounds and pence and when I got that sorted I noticed everytime I add a new item to the cart it adds one to the previous amount. So for six items added, five are for two items. I am fairly sure I havent done anything to the cart since I did the course. Any pointers for me?


    Kindest regards




    Just noticed it counts and appears to work correctly in IE so looks like firefox is my problem. Hope you can help.




  2. Once again the ideal answer. Was that a form of javascript? Anyway everything now validates everyway possible so I finally moved on to the cart. So I had put hyphens instead of dots to split pounds and pence and when I got that sorted I noticed everytime I add a new item to the cart it adds one to the previous amount. So for six items added, five are for two items. I am fairly sure I havent done anything to the cart since I did the course. Any pointers for me?


    Kindest regards


  3. The site verified for wai after heeding your advice. Then I checked links and the java script links were a problem when javascript is switched off. I tried coding noscript in to the script as follows and this works up to a point although it does leave the inoperable java script link. However it now fails on xhtml strict. Where exactly should I insert the noscript code? Non rude answers only please.






    <a href="JavaScript:newwindow(650,800,'http://www.ultimateskincare.org.uk/mulberry/extrainfo/rejuserum.php');">More Information on this Serum<br/><noscript><a href="http://www.ultimateskincare.org.uk/mulberry/extrainfo/rejuserum.php">javascript is disabled on your browser click here for more information</a></noscript></a>

  4. Once again I followed your advice and the problem was sorted. A closed div that wasnt opened and a > missing from a

    The code=html code is either side of this   

    showing. I removed this and it verified. I then removed it from one of the earlier errors and it works so is this really necessary. Then I inserted

    into the form and got the green light. Feeling chuffed I checked css, ok. Section 508, ok. Then wai and got failure with the following


    Rule: 13.1.2 - All Anchor elements are required not to use the same link text to refer to different resources.


    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 331, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 552, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 594, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 637, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 679, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 852, Column: 12

    * Failure - Anchor Element at Line: 1025, Column: 12


    Whats this all about?


    Thanks again old chap any clues will be appreciated.


    Kindest regards


  5. It never rains but it pours. I am not sure if this the correct place for this problem and another user appears to be having a similar problem, but here goes. Did all the previous corrections and added more photos and links to other pages. Marvelous I thought. Tested on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Netscape, all with similar results looking good. Then I used I E. the first load of pictures downloaded then nothing. The page source shows the links and everything is identical to other browsers but no photos.




    Is the page with added links, would you take a look and give me the benefit of your advice. Do I need extra code for I E?


    Kindest regards


  6. Ah, got it. Here's the thing -- XML is getting confused, since you're placing HTML tags within XML tags, and it can't distinguish between the try.


    Try one of these two methods (I believe the first should work, not completely sure about the second):


    Escaping the < and > tags

    <a href="JavaScript:newwindow(850,660,'http://www.sites4eyes.co.uk');">More Information</a>


    or using a CDATA

    <a href="JavaScript:newwindow(850,660,'http://www.sites4eyes.co.uk');">More Information</a>






    What a delightful fellow you are. I have asked your advice on several occasions now and you have come up trumps every time.


    Both solutions work by the way, which way would you recommend I use to save any more problems?


    Once again Thanks very much

    Kindest regards


  7. So, at the moment, no matter what you put within the in the XML file (link, text, etc), it isn't showing up?


    Sorry I may have misled you. If I remove the aref and leave the More Information then it shows.

    Just when I try to post the href with javascript things disappear


    Would their be any other way to post a link?




  8. Either that, or at least show the snippet of code that you are trying to use.


    below is the xml file and following is a link to the page showing the result. The page source

    shows the div

    and but it is blank in between



    Bergamot & Grapefruit

    One of a truly remarkable selection of shower

    gels that are made to revitalise and cleanse.

    http://www. ultimateskin care.org.uk/mulberry/images/bandg.png

    bergamot grapefruit ultimate skin care poppy red naturals organic Lavera Akamuti Eco friendly, Natural organic cosmetics, Organic Beauty Products, Natural skin care, Organic baby products, Organic Skin Care, Organics



    More Information

  9. So you're doing something like this within the XML catalog, and nothing is showing up when you view that product in your HTML page?


    Your text here...


    Yes I have a limited description and want to write a link to open a larger description using java script to open in a seperate page showing a fuller description and larger picture in a seperate file.


    Would it help if I showed you the site?




  10. Good evening. I have managed to get the store completed and am now building a website to my specifications. Everything went fine until I tried to add a link to give more information on a product item. The following is the content in the xml catalog.


    More Information


    If i remove all the aref and just put more information that shows when the whole is used nothing shows.

    I tried a form but couldnt get it to open in a new window.


    Hope you will help.

    Kindest regards


  11. Thank you for your reply. I will try this soon and let you know. I am still not thinking php, as soon as you mentioned I the alt image code I realised that, so at least it may be slow but with your help I am slowly getting it.

    Thanks again,



  12. Good morning and merry Christmas to you all. I have eventually finished the paypal course that I purchased from Killer sites and everything works, I also understand upto a point what I have been taught. Two slight problems. The only way I can find to insert an alternate text to the images is in the templates page and then only one appears everywhere so I had to make it a catch all of product image which although it verifies is less than ideal. Also I am struggling to come to grips with showing the products on more than one row. every time I add a product it goes next to the previous and eventually everything distorts.

    Kindest regards


  13. Thank you for your reply. The code is indeed where you stated. I was loath to use the final code as I wanted to code long hand, however I found when I altered add to page it cured my problem and I can continue. Thank you for your assistance, greatly appreciated.



  14. Good evening, I have purchased the shopping cart videos and have worked slowly through to number 7. Everything was fine upto inserting start session in functions. The video shows numbers increasing on refresh and ability to add other items at will. Mine just shows 1 and if I add another it just shows that. I finished coding to the end and got the empty cart but the view cart link is dead. I have tried to compare the code i have and the video but it is difficult and I cannot find a link to the code in the files bought.

    Any advice will be greatfully received.

    Kindest regards.


  15. Thanks very much. I went for the clear option as it seems like a cure all for future reference. I didnt know float had no height so you know why you and people like you are a Godsend.

    Does anyone know the answer to the captcha anomoly?

    Once again many thanks.








    include ("menu.php");




    Welcome to New Dec

    Welcome to New Dec Ltd.

    We are a professional decorating company incorporated in 1995 and based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We operate throught the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Read more…


    Interested in working for New Dec Ltd?

    If you are interested in working for New Dec Ltd, please forward a copy of your CV along with details of your work experience to us:

    You may contact us by mail at Unit 2 Grange Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 8TF.

    alternatively please complete the following form and attach your CV.

    If you require any further assistance call us on 01924 360809, fax us on 01924 378441 or email us at vikki@newdec.co.uk


    enctype="multipart/form-data" >




    First Name:

    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>


    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>

    Email Address:

    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:"/>



    Contact Numbers:


    size="40" maxlength="55" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>

    Mobile Number:

    size="40" maxlength="55" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>


    Address Details:



    House Number or Name:

    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>

    Street Details:

    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>




    Town or City:

    size="40" maxlength="50" style="background:;" onfocus="this.select()"/>


    Post Code:




    Please enter your details below



    Please leave details of your work experience here







    Please add your first attachment here:

    Please add your second attachment here:




    Please tick this box to confirm New Dec Ltd may contact you






    Please copy the following captcha into the box




    $publickey = "6LcVwAkAAAAAAPVhZ8QboNH6dOPLkfH4E3fRAvMD ";

    echo recaptcha_get_html($publickey);
















    include ("footer.php");



  17. My form is now verifying every field and sending attachments, unfortunately the submit sends me to my captcha file which then submits the form. May i ask how to have a captcha image before the submit button which then sends the form



  18. I too am attempting to produce a form that sends an attachment, with little success. It finds the attachment and attaches the attachment but doesn't send the attachment. Anyone have a script I can peruse to get this problem resolved. Kindest regards, Grucker

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