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  1. nope -- you can work from anywhere.
  2. Hi all -- one of my sites is driving me nuts with this problem: -- when window is resized in certain browsers (IE7, and ... ?), the page elements go askew. -- i was able to fix this with the following code: function Reload(){ window.location.href = window.location.href } window.onresize = Reload; -- but it only worked in some browsers and in others caused flashing and other problems that kept the page from loading at all so I removed it. Any help is appreciated!! Site in question is wsda .org As a side note: I am currently looking for a developer to hire on
  3. Hello I am looking to hire a JQuery developer for current and ongoing projects on an as-needed basis. I design and develop sites on the Squarespace platform (squarespace.com) and am in need of a developer that can: -- review my work and troubleshoot for browser bugs, cleanup JQuery and CSS if needed, improve page loading before sites go live -- misc JQuery deveopment as needed -- sometimes I get overbooked and instead of turning away projects i would like to ease into designing and then sourcing out development Let me know if you're interested!!
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