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  1. I figured out what I did wrong :D I didn't know or don't remember that the css extension is case sensitive. In my source code I had myCSS.css but in my folder on my server, I had mycss.css. Sorry for wasting your time. I should've paid more attention. Well a learning experience for me. Back to the tutorials!
  2. On the css tutorial on how to build a website the exact same source code produces this: http://www.how-to-build-websites.com/css_Tutorial/myPracticeHTML.htm But when I copy it to try to duplicate it for practice, I get the result in the link above. Click each link ( the one on this post and the one above) and you'll see the difference. There is no divisions on my page like the one in the tutorial. I'll double check my folder to make sure it's reading the Css ( to make sure it's linked properly)
  3. Here's the link: http://royaltybydesign.net/mycsspage/test.html
  4. this is the code that I have in the head: And this is the code that I have in between the body tags: The Main Heading Go to the Web Designers Killer Handbook home page and grab the practice HTML page that we will used as the starting template for this tutorial. You can find it under the heading: 'To create the practice HTML page do the following:'. Follow the instructions there and create your basic HTML page. And do it now! The Main navigation For some reason it's not reading the div tags. I don't get it. I use Google Chrom
  5. Just finished part 1 and starting part 2 of the CSS tutoral on howtobuildwebsites .com. After I copied and paste the div tags in between the body tags, I saved it on my computer and when I went to view it, the browser did not register the div tags. All I had was Main Navigation and Main Heading in bold one above the other with no divisions on the page. I clicked the CSS example link to see what the page should look like and it had the main navigation on the left and main heading in the center. I even viewed the source code and compared it to the source code of the page that I created and the
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