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  1. I know it's a bookmark, I want it to go to the bookmark when JavaSCRIPT is disabled. But once it has gone there, the header is off the top of the page and the footer is up off the bottom. Anyway, I've thought of a cheeky workaround that involves replicating a page and using a html redirect. Thanks anyway.
  2. Well, have you disabled Javascript and then visitted the site? If you're seeing things sliding in Firefox, then you have Java enabled. You can only see the issue I'm having if it's disabled. If the background is black, Java is enabled, and you won't be able to see. If the background is sky blue, click Inclusion/Youth/Commissions and scroll up to the top.
  3. Well I'll cross that bridge at a later date, but right now I want to focus on this odd issue when Java is disabled. Any ideas?
  4. I've made a site, which uses Java. Now I'm working on a non-Java version. My main navbar was being used to slide entire pages in and out, from the left and the right, but in this new non-java version, they simply link to a selection of anchor tags up and down the page, and this sliding functionality is also disabled. However, when a link is clicked, although it goes to the right place on the page, by scrolling up to the top, or down to the bottom, it is clear that the entire page has moved up about 100-150px, cutting off the top of the header, and lifting the footer from the base of the page. I'm really confused. Clicking the "Back to top" anchor, reverts the page to the correct view, but I can't just assume people will do that every time. Here is a link to the site. http://createstudios09.netne.net/wordpress/ When you view it, remember to have Java DISABLED and reload the page. Then click in the subnav (Inclusion/Youth/Commissions) and scroll up and down to see the effects. I know it looks like a mess but the full site uses a lot of Java to hide all the extra content. So yeah, any ideas why these anshors are doing this? I found two other posts on the entire interweb that had similar issues, and nobody seemed to have a working solution.
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