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  1. Hi all, I'm a php newbie taking tutorials and they loaded php, apache and my sql separately. I use mamp. Several questions: Is there a benefit to loading and configuring all three separately vs using mamp? What does the option displaying errors on/off do? I didn't understand it completely? How do I change display errors from off to on using mamp. Terminal is used throughout the tutorial and I'd rather not go there. Thanks!
  2. You're right. I figured it out. I was given an ip address and changed the http://localhost/siteA to http://siteA and it worked. Why is this? Is it because I'm accessing a remote server vs using mamp? Thanks
  3. I'm sure you know more than I do; I get this message when I set the second site up: The site URL prefix [] for the testing server does not match the site URL prefix []specified in HTTP Address for the site The first site works just fine but the second site doesn't show in the browser. I'm entering http://localhost/mysiteA and http://localhost/mysiteB'>http://localhost/mysiteB http://localhost/mysiteB doesn't show. The browser fails to load the page and I get this message: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'tuviano.db.6217275.hostedresource.com' (4) If there's no need to d
  4. Hi- I'm very new to php and mysql...I kinda like it lol. I'm working with a tutorial and have mamp set up and working well. Then I added another site into the htdocs folder and discovered I need to configure the server to work with more than one site. Here's the problem. I access the host file via terminal on a mac and my have fowled up the file. I followed the steps at this link which look semi clear: http://www.sawmac.com/mamp/virtualhosts/index.php My host file says command not found. Note- I accessed the backup file by typing this into terminal: sudo cp /etc/ho
  5. Hi, Hope this is the right place to post this… I need help with a form button that sends the results to the owner of the site, the results to the user and serves as a link. I've searched for php scripts and have not had luck. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm loading an external sound file, which is located in the same folder as my fla. I get an error message when I preview. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time. var snd:Sound = new Sound(); snd.load(new URLRequest("test.mp3")); snd.play();
  7. I know Flash doesn't care for html, how do I know what tags are ok to use? Thanks ahead of time.
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