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  1. Nevermind, fixed the issue. Made the slice in photoshop that I was replacing with the .flv about 4px larger than the size of the .flv and everything works fine now. Thanks!
  2. Thanks virtual, I've tried on several computers, both Mac and PC, and Firefox does not render properly. Does the layout look like this page: http://debraoppenheim.com/test/home.html or are you seeing black spaces under the "debra oppenheim" in the upper left and along the bottom of the page? Firefox seems to mess up all the spacing around the embedded .flv
  3. Hello All! I'm finishing up a new site and am having issues when adding a .flv to my site in CS4. The page renders perfectly in Safari, Opera, IE... but when it's loaded in Firefox several of the tables shift down and the whole design gets messed up. Here's one of the flash pages: http://debraoppenheim.com/test/reel.html You can click on one of the links along the bottom to take you to a non-flash page, which does render correctly in Firefox. When I remove the .flv that is inserted in this page (and just leave a blank 380x286 hole) everything also renders properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! David
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