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  1. I've found and downloaded your stylesheet (h tt p:// vojodes ign.c om/proofs/valuedWealthAdvisors/css/styles.css)


    But where is the stylesheet for the .home, .investments, .about and so forth located?? I thought I could give it a try for debugging.

  2. Hi everyone and thanx for reading this post about the BIGGEST CSS headache I've had in my career as webdeveloper!


    To explain the problem in short:

    I've made a website for a client that for some strange reason flicker on refresh in IE8. If I hit the refresh button several times, also background images partly disappear(See the image below.. (and where backgroundimages disappear is random each time..))




    I've tried to remove all JavaScripts: Does not solve it!

    I've tried to partly remove CSS classes and ID's: Does not solve it!


    I'm, for the first time in my career, completely stuck! It could be something in the XHTML markup thats causing it, or a combination of the CSS and the XHTML..


    If you wish to help me, you can download a static html file and a few folders stuffed in a zip file. See the url below.


    ht tp://w ww.codeservic e.n o/codeservice_debug_project.z ip


    You can also see the working website with the bug at htt p://w ww.yndestadferi e.n o/


    Thanx a MILLION for all help I can get:)

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