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  1. hey, Thanks for the tips and the clarifying, i'd really like to get more opinios from people on the forum so i would have a variety of them. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
  2. hey newseed, thanks for your reply, This feedback is a great assistance to me. Could you elaborate more on the shopping cart? Can you give me an exmaple of an improved design of such icon? Or only resizing it will do? I've been thinking of changing the icon a bit once an item is added, maybe fill the basket with red bolded dots, what do you think is that too kitsch? An About Us Link will surely be added You're site is really great, very inspiring. The 'Add This' bookmarklet is very important for me. do you have any other suggestion than just shoving it down the footer, so
  3. Hey Guys, I currently working on a new design for a concept shopping cart website. The concept is a Holy Land(a.k.a Israel or the Promised Land if you may ) goods and souvenirs; Like bags with jerusalem picture imprinted or scroll with blessing of the business etc. etc. This site should appeal to Christian and Jews as one(but mostly Christian), so it needs to include flavors of both religions. This project is really important to me, so I'd really like if you could give me some design tips so it will help better the concept and the UI. for a bigger image size: plz take
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