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    Image Fade

    $(function(){ $('.fadeIn img:gt(0)').hide(); setInterval(function(){ $('.fadeIn :first-child').fadeOut() .next('img').fadeIn() .end().appendTo('.fadeIn');}, 3000); }); I think I am making the error bc I am not putting this into the head section. I was adding this in the xhtml(?)
  2. NuCoder

    Image Fade

    HOME ABOUT SERVICES AMMENITIES MAINTENANCE CONTACT $(function(){ $('.fadeIn img:gt(0)').hide(); setInterval(function(){ $('.fadeIn :first-child').fadeOut() .next('img').fadeIn() .end().appendTo('.fadeIn');}, 3000); });
  3. NuCoder

    Image Fade

    I am still unable to fade the images and do not know why. I copied this script from Jonathan Snook (simplest jQuery Slide Show). When I test browser in IE and FF - the images are not fading. I am not getting any error messages. Where am I going wrong? thank you in advance Brian In the head section CSS .fadeIn { position:relative; width:790px; height:300px; margin-bottom: 40px; } .fadeIn img { position:absolute; left:0; top:0; border: 5px solid #c9c9c9; } jQuery $(f
  4. Thanks Ben. I am going to email you both the updated CSS and XTHML. I know your busy - so understandable if you can not get to right away.. Brian
  5. It's me again..P.I.T.A Brian.. I am setting up an absolute link. The link connects to the page fine however - the link moves. After I set it up as an absolute link it goes from looking like this: NOAA Marine....................pg 7 (not linked) to: NOAA Marine....................pg 7 (linked) Also - I have yet to set up the site in DW - just making the pages now, so no site root folder yet.(So I do not know if this is the cause) I am adding About (etc... for the other other links also). When I enter the link like this and save - DW changes the link to move 2 folders up (../.
  6. Great, then you'll be able to come and troubleshoot here with us absolutely, I look forward to the day I am not always asking questions, but answering them....
  7. Welcome to KS. Virtual is right - the link she provided is for a great tutorial on building sites here at Killer Sites. Visit here on KS for great podcasts and visit the forum with any questions you may have ( there are a lot of knowledgeable people in this forum and you will receive answers very quickly). Once you have a grasp of basic html/xhtml - learn CSS. A couple of great sites to visit away from Killer Sites are: www.nettuts.com www.tripwiremagazine.com www.smashingmagazine.com www.webdesignledger.com www.webdesignerdepot.com www.vandelydesign.com/blog Good luck to you!
  8. thanks guys. I checked my recycle bin and it is not there, but I dug a little further and found it. Gees - I thought I would have what it takes from my studies (which I do), but it's true - you don't actually learn until you do it. Please bare with me with my nuisance of questions for the short time being - I will have a strong grasp on this soon... thanks as always Brian
  9. Never mind - I had to save the page (document) first. Do you know what could have happened to my other files? (about and styles.css). I mistakenly deleted my index.htm and my other files can not be found now. Sorry for the repetitive questions, I am just now putting what I have studied into action and am hitting some bumps in the road...
  10. I mistakenly deleted my index.htm folder. Now my about folder is not opening and can not be found. I copied and pasted my code into a new html file - and now my images do not show? When I put them in again - they no longer show up as: - but instead show up as file:......... I f'd up - any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance
  11. huh, I copied and pasted my home page xhtml file (to tweak the elements to fit the About page) and it linked to my styles.css, so it worked. Just do not know why it would not do it last night (too many hours in front of the computer??)
  12. Thanks Ben & Andrea. Off to look in my books and back on Lynda.com. I only have my desktop items in my files to the lower right of DW panel. I was testing to see what would happen if I changed a new style sheet to match the page (About page) - and still nothing... thanks again Brian
  13. Too much clutter, which may be understandable with a 2007 copyright..
  14. hmm... thank you - I will look into also
  15. I try to squeeze in a little PS tutorials during the day to improve my skills from the above mentioned sites / blogs. Looking forward to the new tuts and the new things to come on KS. Schooling for graphic design / visual communication is next thanks Brian
  16. Good evening KS, My home page links to my styles.css with no problem. I opened a new external stylesheet to link another page - however - it is not linking? (i.e about page - I copied and pasted my Home page xhtml to tweak the elements to fit the about page and linked to about.css). However the page shows in html format only and the about.css is not linked? Just as a test - I copied and pasted my HTML into another HTML page and linked to my styles.css - same thing occured - it did not link and it only showed in HTML view (?) Where did I go wrong? thank you in advance Brian
  17. From Tampa? I'm from Clearwater...
  18. Welcome to the KS! You have come to the right place. Great tutorials and plenty of help here - enjoy and best of luck to you.. Brian
  19. Never mind - due to my computer crashing - I had to enter the images in my XHTML again....
  20. My computer crashed Sunday due to a virus that happened from having the older version of Java on my computer :mad: I had to re download my Web Premium yesterday and now for some reason, images do not appear in DW? Unless I overlooked it - I did not see anything under preferences. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Brian
  21. My computer crashed the Sunday due to a virus that happened from having the older version of Java on my computer :mad: I am back up now, but am unable to download the new 1.4 version of jQuery ( I had the last version on my computer before I crashed). When I go to www.jquery.com and click on download for the Production version - it does not download. This appears: Any ideas? /*! * jQuery JavaScript Library v1.4 * http://jquery.com/ * * Copyright 2010, John Resig * Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses. * http://docs.jquery.com/License * * Includes Sizzle.js
  22. Great job - looks good & great ideas on the new features. Brian
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