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  1. I am trying to add a 3 picture's with fade / wipe to the bottom dividion of my HTML page. I have tried using both codes below, but nothing is showing when I open the page using either code. Any input? thank you (I have of course changed the swf name and dimensions to fit) Other code attempted to use:
  2. Good evening K.S. I am trying to stack layers on top of each other in the Timeline. I insert a new layer, and they are not stacking up so I can change the frames for each one individually. i.e. the layer just changes from layer 1 to layer 2, layer 3 and so on. There is only "1" layer showing in the time line, as opposed to all layers showing together vertically. How do I accomplish this? As always - thank you Brian
  3. Does anyone know of a good and reputable link for creating a forum? I see several, but am curious as to know any you may recommend. This will be for our New Townhome community site. thank you as always - Brian
  4. Thank you TPattison. My brother advised me to visit Image Shack or Photobucket
  5. Good evening everyone For some reason - the background image on a test page I am doing, is not showing up when emailed. I forwarded this off - and the background image is not appearing? Any thoughts? thank you Below is the code: CSS: #container { width:950px; height: 900px; margin:0 auto; } body { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; margin: 20px; padding: 0; background-image: url('sunset.jpg'); background-repeat: repeat-y; } #header { width: 900px; display: block; height: 95px; padding-left: 1
  6. Thank you for the input Virtual Brian
  7. Thank you Falken. As always - A quick and reputable reply and very much appreciated. I will visit the provided link *Kudo's on your Portfolio (Visited from your reply to the Students assistance for his Class paper)
  8. Good evening all I am just about ready to start learning PS CS4. I bought a tutorial from Deke McClelland from Barnes and Noble. Has anyone heard of him or bought is Tutorials? I purchased a video Tutorial One on One and reviews online are good, but did not know if anyone here has used his tutorials. On a 2nd note, I am looking forward to putting my artistic background to work and begin using CS 4, and my question to the webs #1 forum is...How long do you think I could expect until I can actually have a basic grasp before using on sites? Also - is After Effects a good program to buy as w
  9. Many Thanks Jlhaslip - adding it to the same folder worked.
  10. Thank you Jlhaslip for the quick reply. I will add it to the same folder as the Html file (good idea!)
  11. Good evening all Another newbie question. I am trying to insert an image and it is just showing the image border - no image? the home page is in My Documents I have an image folder - just 7 folders up (do not need to move up: ../) as the folder is with my Home page and other folders. Inside My Pictures Folder is a Pictures folder. Inside this folder I am trying to insert pic1.jpg. My code is below: As always - Thank you!
  12. I would like to give a Kudo's to the Killersites.com Team. Excellent site, from the video tutorials, to the forum and the experienced web professionals and Moderators, this site is tops bar none! Thank you! Brian
  13. Sorry - through studying - I unfortunately have questions and this is the forum to get the answers... Sometimes looking under the hood of a web page, I will sometimes see external style sheets and sometimes I will see embedded styles right in the HTML page. Through your experience, which is better practice?
  14. Newseed is correct. You may also try: #wrapper { position: relative; margin: 0 auto; }
  15. Sorry - another Newbie question Is it necessary to use #wrapper & #container in a CSS page? I tried making a quick page 900 px wide First part of the HTML: ConnObby /* CSS */ CSS: body { background-color: #dbd7ab; background-repeat: repeat-y; } #header { } #body { width: 950px; min-height: 1000px; Text-align: center; } #container { width: 975px; min-height: 1000px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: le
  16. I purchased the download Web Design Tutorial last night. It is downloaded with Winrar. I am unable to open it for some reason? Any thoughts? Also - it stated the CD will be 2 me in 2 weeks, a CD is also sent when you purchase the download? Has anyone used these tutorials by chance? I feel like I have no direction after studying W3schools and I am looking forward to having Video for hands on learning (plus the ability to email Stefan with questions is a huge plus!) The Flash tutorial, this also is a great tutorial for basic learning of Flash?
  17. Good Evening Everyone As a newbie, I am curious to know if it is bad practice to use web templates as opposed to designing the site entirely myself. As I have a basic understanding of HTML, XHTML, CSS and some Java Script, and wish to put code together to start on a website, I have no background in Photoshop or Flash. (Artisitic Background - even schooled at Ringling Art School here in Florida). While I begin to Learn Photoshop, After Effects and Flash, is it ok to use templates at a fee, or am I better off holding off until I learn the world of Adobe? (To me, using another ones templates se
  18. Newbie here. I think I am going to be glad I had found this site. I have been studying for the past several months. I am self taught on w3 schools. While a great deal of knowledge was learned, I feel like I have no direction. I just purchased the web design tutorial and am looking forward to have not only video but also each step described. Thanks Stefan! Nu Coder from the States
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