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  1. Thanks again for your idea. I was racking my brain over ways to solve my issue. This offers a nice solution to my issues.
  2. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. I did not even think about creating an animated GIF file. Good Idea.
  3. JLongo3925

    PHP and Flash

    I have an image upload portion of my website. Is it possible to create a flash movie that plays while the image is being uploaded and then once the image has successfully uploaded the movie stops? For instance: while (imageIsBeingUploaded) { echo'flashmovie.swf'; }
  4. What is the difference between Primary, Unique, and Index keys? When would I want to use each one? What are the advantages of using one over another?
  5. I am new to programming and do not know what I can and can not do with certain languages. How can I create decisions on the fly? Would I use Javascript? For instance, if a radio button is selected and the value equals "sometext", then display a text field. Otherwise, do not display a text field. Using pseudo-code, would this work or something similar to this? function sampleFunction() { if ($someVariable ==true) { document.write[]; } }
  6. I am trying to create a username and password retrieval form, which emails the user their username and password upon entering their email address in the form. The problem I am running into is the password part. I encrypt the password using the md5(); function. When I retrieve the username and password associated with the user and email them their password, I do not want the password to be in md5(); encryption. I want their password to be in "plain text". For instance, I have a password of JoeLongo where the md5(); version is b05cc42b0a4008d9a01694f6826f1de5. When the password is emailed to the person, I want them to have JoeLongo emailed to them and not b05cc42b0a4008d9a01694f6826f1de5. I know md5 is considered one way hash. Is there a way to do this? How should I handle people forgetting their username and password? Should I use md5 encryption? Thanks, Joe
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