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  1. Hi Benjamin, Thanks for your reply - I had to rebuild my page after power surge lost it all. My internet was out for the last few days thanks to a second surge/blackout/whatever it was, so i haven't been able to reply. I managed to get it working thanks to your suggestion however (which luckily i saw before my connections went haywire) so thank you for the response.
  2. Firstly! So happy i re-found this site!! I had joined a couple of years ago to participate in this community cuz i love web design - however after a major computer meltdown i lost many of the sites I was part of and lost all the URL's and passwords and whatnot that i had set up....so I stumbled upon it by chance and am glad to be back! I do have a question though: I am having a few troubles with a content box that i am trying to make grow with the content. My site has a block of text within a div (with a tranparency of 75% black) which lays over a wider transparent div (which is set to 50% black). However i know it is probably a really simple solution (i have been really sick and my brain is not working like it should) but i am trying to get both the outer boxes to grow/expand automatically with the text content.So its a text div within a darker transparent div , within a lighter transparent div. If you need code, I can recreate what i am doing but i also just had a darn blackout at my house and lost the file i was working on!? go figure...doh! If someone would tell me where i could find a method for creating a content box that grows as described accoding to the inner text box/div (or point me to a link) i would be eternally grateful. The illness i am recovering from has affected part of my brain so I am having to relearn/recall certain things that i knew before, so apologies if this is seems like a really silly questin but i cannot find much help on the web - could also be due to the way my brain is functioning and not searching for the correct terminolgy. BTW - the div is sitting ontop of a background within a page, so it is not the caontainer div. it is once element on the page that has text and content. Please let me know if you need more info - as i said, my brain capacity is not at it's best right now. Many thanks, glad to be back! Huchy :cool:
  3. Ah ok i see what you mean. That line was supposed to be more of a question actually rather than a statement - i forgot to put a question mark where i put a period. I dont want scroll bars on the 1024, but i understand that i will have to sacrifice a little and perhaps the the 800s will get one. as long as the bulk of the people i am designing for (bigger screens and higher resolutions) will see the page as it should be. thanks!
  4. OK. Then that size is the happy medium for both older and newer users. no i dont want any horrible scroll bars on my pages! ill work on that next. and i dont want bloated pages so if i can manage to do the rollovers with css then all the more better. thanks.
  5. Hi Thelma, Thanks for your response. My internet has been intermittent in the last day or two so i have only just got to respond now. I noticed the two charsets and deleted those - had cut and paste some code when i was tired. i changed it to html. i trimmed down the superfluous stuff and added all css to the external. i do want to keep some interesting rollovers and not have yet another generic looking page, so the rollovers were kind of my way of doing that i guess. but i will look into creating that effect with css. you're a lifesaver - added the clear: both; to the footer and it managed to do as it was told and stop invading my page. I have chosen to design for my majority market and cant deal with a 800x600px resolution as it will make the pages scroll for ages, so what i have decided to do is create a separate style sheet that will load on request (according to the users browser) to cater for 800x600 users etc. I just wanted to make my page work first in the first place with my first design which was aimed at the most common majority of my audience. thanks again for your help!! :cool:
  6. onmouseover="changeImages('button_main', 'images/button-main-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('button_main', 'images/button-main.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('button_main', 'images/button-main-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('button_main', 'images/button-main-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('button_profile', 'images/button-profile-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('button_profile', 'images/button-profile.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('button_profile', 'images/button-profile-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('button_profile', 'images/button-profile-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('button_portfolio', 'images/button-portfolio-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('button_portfolio', 'images/button-portfolio.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('button_portfolio', 'images/button-portfolio-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('button_portfolio', 'images/button-portfolio-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('button_contact', 'images/button-contact-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('button_contact', 'images/button-contact.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('button_contact', 'images/button-contact-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('button_contact', 'images/button-contact-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('button_news', 'images/button-news-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('button_news', 'images/button-news.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('button_news', 'images/button-news-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('button_news', 'images/button-news-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('blog', 'images/blog-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('blog', 'images/blog.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('blog', 'images/blog-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('blog', 'images/blog-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="changeImages('_', 'images/_-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="changeImages('_', 'images/_.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('_', 'images/_-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('_', 'images/_-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="window.status='Welcome to the Design Assassin\'s Visual Concept Website'; changeImages('home', 'images/home-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; changeImages('home', 'images/home.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('home', 'images/home-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('home', 'images/home-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="window.status='Read more about the Design Assassin'; changeImages('profile', 'images/profile-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; changeImages('profile', 'images/profile.gif'); return true;" onmousedown="changeImages('profile', 'images/profile-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('profile', 'images/profile-over.gif'); return true;"> onmouseover="window.status='The Arsenal :: Here are some examples of work & creative'; 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