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  1. Thank you grucker, that was really nice! Best Regards toastrom
  2. Hi, in part 4: "Building the catalog page" are all items in one row. I can get them in one column if I want but I can't figure out how to get two items(columns)/row. Can anyone help me, please? Best regards toastrom
  3. toastrom

    Events calendar

    Check out this calendar at: http://winged.info/p/projects/calendar It's very easy to modify. toastrom
  4. Can "You" please confirm that this code is OK? It do the job but as I said, I'm trying to learn. public function RemoveItem($product_id) { if (array_key_exists($product_id , $this->items)) $this->items[$product_id] = $this->items[$product_id] - 1; if ($this->items[$product_id] == 0) { unset($this->items[$product_id]); } } TIA toastrom
  5. Hi, I'm new with this OOP and I try to remove an item quantity from the array. I don't know if this way is ok but works with: public function RemoveItem($product_id) { $this->items[$product_id] = $this->items[$product_id] - 1; } My problem is, how to delete the whole item from the array when the item quantity is 0? if $this->items[$product_id] == 0; unset($this->items[$product_id]); Something like that, or? I can't get it work in the Killer shopping cart! Thanks toastrom
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