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  1. andryo

    SWF video

    Hi Ted, So first we filmed everything against a green screen, then edit the video (remove green). Export the video to FLV (dont forget to export alpha channel). Import the video to flash (embed flv in the SWF). You can put links, graphics, and everything there. For security, you can just create another blank swf to call the video swf so people cant hijack it. These only works on AS3 tho (don't know how to do it on AS2) I hope that's clear enough! Cheers.
  2. andryo

    SWF video

    Sorry, nevermind... I found the solution. Cheers.
  3. andryo

    SWF video

    Hello all. I am new here I sometimes stumbled to a web page that has SWF video on it. Something like this: http://www.esignal.com/ads/esignal/default.asp?CPID=KNC-O6O174466501 or this: http://www.livefaceonweb.com/ Logically, I think all I need to do is produce a video, then convert it to SWF. If that is the case, then would it be able to be interactive? Like the first link above, after the lady spoke for a while, we can actually click on the links behind her.. How is this possible? Does anyone has experience with this? Are those 2 separate SWF files, with 1 being video and 1 being the interactive? The reason I asked because I'm planning to do this kind of project, and now stuck with experimenting. Thanks before.
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