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  1. do you know if they have secure servers? I don't want my site getting hacked or cracked again. Can they still do this if it's secure?
  2. I will probably go back to dreamhost the problem is it's too expensive for me right now. He was hosting my site free as a favor cause I've reffered his web design to other dj's, friends and have gotten him work.
  3. If by that you mean you have copies of all the files that were hosted on there' date=' then you have a copy of the website at that point - minus any updates your former designer may have made - and then you can upload it so a new host. Do you still have control of the domain name? You'll need to be able to redirect the URL to a new host.[/quote']He told me he would zip the backup and send it to me when he has time. I do have a copy of the backup on my desktop computer, but that's currently not working at this moment, the computer's video card went out. I am going to upload it to a new host, my deadline is april 1st so my designer has said. He told me "did you get the email I sent out?" I say "no" he says, "well as of april 1st I will no longer have hosting so you need to find another hosts" I say "that's fine I will find another hosts hopefully before april 1st.
  4. Dude he's like flipping out on me he told me this thru aim. "him" - bro I am DONE. I said I will zip and send you the site WHEN I HAVE TIME. this is 100% why I dont do site anymore" "I" - alright man, thanks for your help anyways. i know u are busy
  5. what exactly do I need? He says you got it all figured out. He's asking what you need? I'm a dumbass lol..
  6. hrmmm... I am chatting with him now it's like pulling teeth, I remember before my site had problems and he used the backup but some things were missing off my site dunno if it was his cause or mine. Right now im trying to retrieve my account hosting info with him.
  7. Wow, thank you for such a fast reply. the problem is my web designer has all this information it is now hosted through his hosting provider I don't know much about web design, hosting etc..I just needed a dj site and he designed it for me. He simply told me this "Your site got hacked, people are assholes, it happens" I feel betrayed when he told me this. I have all of the original information from dreamhost but now that it's hosted through him it would be useless correct? I have asked him these questions "are you sure it isn't your hosting provider that got hacked?" "you do have a backup of my site correct?" "maybe my password needs to be stronger?" no reply as of yet he is a very busy designer but I feel he is shady at times.
  8. I would post my websites url but I don't want to put anyone at risk nore spam. Hoping for a reply:cool:
  9. Hi everyone I am Steven, I am new here I am looking for some big help if possible. Recently it seems somehow my dj website got hacked. I get a message from norton internet security as a intrusion prevention everytime I visit my site now. Everything on my website seems to be gone, the page doesn't even display right. Before this it worked fine when I hosted with dreamhosts recently last year I switched my hosting with my web designer's ( who created the site) hosting provider because he owed me. This is the message I recieve "http malicious toolkit variant activity" risk high I can see the PC name and IP address it's always the same one everytime. I don't really know what to do. Do I risk losing my website? Please guide my through help. Thank you.
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