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  1. Working on this site now. http://tinyurl.com/qhqna2 (please don't quote the name of the site)

    stylesheet: http://tinyurl.com/o9xowf


    Right now it's positioned by padding it 80 px from the top but I don't like that. On a lower resolution monitor it needlessly crops off the bottom in favor of white space on top. How can I give it a more dynamic vertical positioning so that it would adjust better to the height of the browser window? The site is supposed to be in a fixed box like that, I'm just looking to give the positioning of the box a little more flexibility.


    Also, I'm using Eric's awesome 'wrapper' footer code to keep the copyright info at the bottom which has worked for me in the past but isn't working now in IE on the PC (the footer is just stuck to the bottom of the box) but is fine elsewhere.


    There are some validation issues that WordPress is introducing (I'm hacking the hell out of WP for this).


    Finally, if anyone has any general comments I'd love to hear them. The fonts look great on my mac but not so much on my PC. Them's the breaks I guess.


    (also as a sidenote all the paintings in the slug galleries are mine for now :cool: )

  2. I always have some new problem with this. Does anything jump out as wrong here?




    stylesheet: http://tinyurl.com/ceprr2


    I've got a wrapper div and a column div. Inside the column there's a header div then a content div. The content div has a sidebar div and then a content-text class. It's the content-text class that screws up the background. Any clue why that's happening?




    (please don't quote the original URL)

  3. Thanks guys. The CSS Play maps are the same as mine, unfortunately: rectangular hotspots that only add the rollover content within the rectangle


    The old software might be useful but I'll need to fire up my old PC to use it.


    edit: i found some mac versions too... I'm starting to think that this isn't the way to do it though. 1998-style image maps are probably not where I want to go with it...

  4. I'm trying to make a map that you can rollover and highlight (and get pop-up information) and found a cool CSS method. However, there's one big problem which is that the hotspots have to be rectangles.


    Here's the original site:



    I'm trying to make a US version but what I was hoping to do was to have the hotspot only be a little rectangle in the middle of each state (or off to the side for smaller states) but still use CSS to overlay the image on the whole state, but I can't figure out how to do it.


    Here's what I've made so far:

    http://gi ==123== ljaw ==123== etz.com/wp/?p=13

    (remove the " ==123== " bits)


    Here's the CSS:



    #us-map {

    width: 611px;

    height: 451px;

    background: url(images/us-map.gif) no-repeat;

    margin: 10px auto; padding: 0;

    position: relative;

    border: 2px solid #999;


    #us-map li {margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; display: block; position: absolute;}


    #us-map a {display: block; text-indent: -9999px; text-decoration: none;}


    #tx {left: 206px; top: 223px; width: 173px; height: 169px; z-index: 40;}


    #tx a {height: 169px;}



    .btx #tx a, #tx a:hover {background: url(images/us-map.gif) -206px -491px no-repeat;}


    I want the #tx to just be the little box with TX in it but I want the hover to be bigger. Can it be done? Am I barking up the wrong tree? I feel like this could be a really cool way to do this especially since the CSS-styled list format would make it easy to incorporate into WordPress and stuff like that.

  5. actually i think the header thing might be an optical illusion based on the jagged edges and the lack of a scrollbar on the frontpage.


    edit: yeah, it is. if i set html height to 101% so there's a scrollbar on the frontpage then you see the header doesn't move. I think i'll try to move the flash movie over to compensate instead of messing with the header.

  6. I completely rebuilt the site using Eric's tutorial as a guideline and I think it all works now; I haven't tried IE 6 yet :mad: but on mac and PC safari and firefox plus opera and ie7 it looks good to me. If anyone wants to give it the once over and tell me what you think that would be sweet! Thanks!




    The only thing that i did differently is put the header outside the wrap because it has a different width and it was just simpler that way. The only bad effect of that that I can see is that it pushes the footer down below the bottom of the screen (because the overall height is now header + 100%) but I'm not too worried about that.)

  7. In Firefox3 on a Mac your header is several pixels over to the left and the top navigation links overflow onto the background. I think you need a little more padding-left on your vertical navigation, it is very close to the edge.


    I can see you are working on it as I write.


    Thanks. That's already on the mental to do list. The background/page height thing is what's driving me nuts right now.

  8. Note: If you quote code or anything please XXX out the URL or any identifying info so google doesn't index this thread for the site's content. Thanks in advance.


    Here's the site: http://tinyurl.com/d7lqoh

    Here's the CSS: http://tinyurl.com/c6t3o2


    Right now I have the following pertinent CSS;


    html>body, html>body #wrap {
       height: 101%;
    html {height:101%}
    body {  margin:0 auto; height:100%}
    #columncontent{margin:0 auto; width:800px; height:101%;   background:url(img/gradient-bg-col.jpg); background-repeat:repeat-y; top:98px; left:426px; }


    I've tried setting those heights to auto as well but that makes the background just a thin strip at the top. Thoughts?

  9. Thanks again. In case this is useful to anyone I found this alternate js that I'm only giving to ie7: https://cakeforge.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php/trunk/webroot/js/menu.js?rev=11&root=hotcakes&view=markup


    It works well enough (in every other browser the parent stays highlighted when on the child menu but in ie7 the parent loses its highlighting - but at least the menus all appear in the right place!)


    Now to figure out why ie6 is making the menu backgrounds all white...

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