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  1. Thanks. Yeah the hosting is Linux. Do you have any idea where to find the top level? The .htaccess file is in the html directory that I'm able to see so I feel like php.ini should function in there but it's just not doing anything. Is there anything I can put in the php.ini that would defintiely have a noticeable impact on the site that I could test for?

  2. I know this is sort of a weird topic to post here but GoDaddy is being useless and I just can't figure it out. I want to raise the max upload size on a site by adding upload_max_filesize = 64M to php.ini. However I can't locate the php.ini file. GoDaddy told me to just upload one to the root directory but I'm only able to access the HTML directory on the server... Should I be adding the file one directory up? Either way, I tried sticking it in the "root" directory as well as in 'etc' and 'cgi-bin' subdirectories but none of that seems to be doing anything. Anyone have any ideas? On other hosts I've just been able to find the file and edit it but this is really frustration.


    (btw the hosting panel says the account is running php4.x)

  3. That didn't seem to fix it :(

    What it looks like to me is that filmstrip-container is set to 100% and the div iinside is (filmstrip-bar) is set to 1000px. When 100% is less than 1000px (like if you have a small monitor like my testing laptop or you shrink down the browser window, then load it, then scroll to see the full 1000px width the 100% background didn't draw in, along with anything else inside the 1000px filmstrip-bar div that was outside the browser window. Ack!

  4. In IE7 try making your browser skinny, then load the page, then use the scroll bar at the bottom to look at the right side, specifically the bar of four images at the bottom of the screen. The background doesn't extend all the way... It's still showing the problem in IE7 for me (although only on the 4 images at the bottom)

  5. Something strange is happening and I'm only noticing it on the PC. If you make the browser skinny and load the page some of the backgrounds don't fit the width of the layout. If you use the bottom scroll bar you'll see what I mean. I initially noticed it on the .filmstrip-container div which is set to 100% width but I'm not seeing it on the #site-wrapper div as well. I'm not sure I understand why.


    It seems to be working correctly on the mac. Any ideas?



    site: http://tinyurl.com/yhuyp69

    css: http://tinyurl.com/ygq87al

  6. OK, give me the same thing, but with the absolute path of your images included. I'm having trouble picturing the exact position of what your after. With your images I'll compare to the other browsers and then hopefully be able to fix FX for you...


    Cool! Here's one of the images that appears in the html:



    and here's the framing png that gets overlayed in the css:




    just for reference, here's how it looks in all non-FF browsers for me:


    looks good. The PNG frame gets dropped in place so that the jpg shows through the window...


    and here's ff:


    you can see how the frame is shifted, leaving a little space to the right of the photo and just sort of messing things up.

  7. Ok I simplified it a lot. I got rid of the tables and the overall wrapper, plus the extra class in the link. So now it's:


    .subpages-cell {float:left; text-align:center; padding-top:0px; width:239px; height:271px; margin:5px}
    .subpages-cell a:before {
    .subpages-cell {font-family:Helvetica, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif; font-size:small; text-decoration:none; color:#7c98ae}
    .subpages-cell img{margin: 75px auto;}
    .subpages-cell a:hover {text-decoration:none; color:#000099}
    .subpages-text {margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:-20px; font-weight:bold}
    .subpages-excerpt {margin-top:-20px;  width:229px; text-align:left; margin-left:5px; margin-right:5px}
    Feature Films


    Is there some way that firefox handles the absolute position that's different from other browsers? Could it just be interference from the godaddy previewdns junk? It's so strange!

  8. Thanks. I had to hack a plugin a little bit to add the extra link (with the class "subpages-overlay") but it's almost working. In FireFox (mac and pc) the overlay image seems shifted about 18px to the right but not in safari, IE, or chrome. If you have a moment nd want to see if you can spot the problem that would be awesome. This is a godaddy preview thing so it's not impossible that the preview feature is screwing it up. It's here:


    (log in with guest as the username and pass)


    And the css is at that link plus /wp-content/themes/21c/style.css


    .subpages-table {width:1006px}
    .subpages-cell {float:left; text-align:center; padding-top:0px; width:239px; height:271px; margin:5px}
    .subpages-overlay:before {
    .subpages-cell, .subpages-cell a {font-family:Helvetica, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif; font-size:small; text-decoration:none; color:#7c98ae}
    .subpages-cell img{margin: 75px auto;}
    .subpages-cell a:hover {text-decoration:none; color:#000099}
    .subpages-text {margin-top:-290px;  font-weight:bold}



    >    </pre>
    Feature Films
    Live Events

  9. I want to lay a transparent PNG over some images but because the images are being generated by a WordPress plug-in I can't really add the PNG with html. I want to do something like:




    .image-box {background:url(img/gradient.png);z-index:1000;position:relative}


    Or something like that but with the "background" image actually appearing on top of the jpg. Any way that anyone can see to do that?

  10. I like the sliding in this site:



    but he's got each link hard-coded into the javascript and I want to create a wordpress-friendly jquery script where I can slide over to posts and pages using their post ID numbers for the anchor links. Therefore all I really need is a slide script that says "slide to this href anchor" and not "when clicking the photo link slide to the photo anchor, when clicking the web link slide to the web anchor, etc..." I don't really know jquery and am working through various demos and tutorials but I feel like the answer has got to be much easier than when I'm encountering.


    Basically I want to end up with this:


    Content for home blah blah blah
    Content for web blah blah blah
    Content for contact blah blah blah


    ...and then horizontally slide from one of the other on menu clicks. That way whenever I add a new page to wordpress it'll get its own post ID and will work nicely... (hopefully)


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance!

  11. I thought I had a sweet, simple Javascript function to turn a webcam on and off depending on the time of day but I guess it's more complicated than I thought. So I sort of have two questions.


    1) Is this the right tactic? If so, how can I fix it? What am I missing?

    2) If this is wrong, how should I do it?




    Go here: http://tinyurl.com/nrxwtm and then click webcam or add ?page_id=3 to the URL


    The code is essentially this:


    else if (now.getHours()     document.write('')
    else if (now.getHours()     document.write('
    else {

  12. I'm trying to give a friend a facelift on a decade old website. I'm doing some very mild php (just includes to pull in menu items, header, footer, things like that) but every php file is coming up 404. I've emailed their host but they haven't responded. Is it possible that a site that hasn't really been changed in almost 10 years might need to have php turned on or something? There's no php on the current site. Includes are done with code I've never seen:




    I'd rather not use that since it looks like some old-ass code to me.



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