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  1. thanks for clarifying, and apologies for a newbie question. at a high-level, what i'm trying to work towards with our game studio is a document that codifies consistently the behavior of different elements of the web site. so for example, if certain buttons are 'live' in that you click any part of a certain object it takes you to a different page, those animate consistently. similarly that animation should be different than another text box that doesn't behave in the same way. my sense is that there'd be a style guide for that, but a style sheet may do the trick--not sure what it's called exactly. in any case, i'd be happy to get my hands on a template of either to get some ideas on how to build such a thing.
  2. Greetings. I'm working on a pretty detailed online gaming project with a top-tier game studio. Many pieces are starting to come together, and it is exposing the need for a good style guide to ensure consistency. I was wondering if anyone here might have a decent template or resource they could point us to in order to ensure we are putting together a style guide that will achieve it's goals. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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