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  1. Hi there How do online feed readers like google reader or bloglines update there feeds, is it through cron jobs or some other way.
  2. Thx Benjamin its because of members like you that this site rocks & once again thx alot.
  3. Hi , I was going to build this web application in PHP ,but i am not sure that which is the right approach to design this web app. One that i could think of is start from HTML then move to JAVASCRIPT and then to PHP,like this i would be adding one feature at a time to the site. Other approach could be to first create core PHP then later on create HTML & JAVASCRIPT part. Please help me out .
  4. Hi there, i was in midst of starting new site and in that i wanted to put voting feature , something like http://Digg. So i was wondering that how does digg stores information about which user voted to which link and then not allowing them to vote again. One option could be to create a vote table then store link-id and member-id in this table. Now when any user tries to vote again this table is checked for entry and then accordingly user is allowed or not. But this method's major flaw(according to me) is that it would be pretty large table e.g if there are 1k articles and each has app
  5. jason257

    Files in php

    Thx alot for help, you people are great.
  6. jason257

    Files in php

    Thx alot for replies, but if blogger's posts are stored in database then why when i click any of previous posts page opened seem like it is stored as page. example:- Say if i click at any of the links in the sidebar of "http://myblog.blogspot.com" the page opens with address "http://myblog.blogspot.com/title-of-post.html". shouldn't it open a standard page like "post.html" for all the links in the sidebar, afterall if all data is being inserted at being requested then css for design could also be added then and all the posts belonging to same blog should open with same address. Than
  7. jason257

    Files in php

    Hi there, i have to make project for my school which is to be clone of blogspot in PHP. i have no clue of as to how blogspot gives unique url ("myblog.blogspot.com") to its users, does it create new files for each user using information provided or stores all data in database and then recreates user's pages when required. Please help me out,i am in desperate need of it. Thanx
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