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  1. hi, my code is --> on click of cancel it should be reseated to previously present in ModelAnd View(MAV) object code is document.getElementById('ruleDesc').value = ''; but m getting javascript error while setting tht one i view tht source in IE. that is because of it looks like -> document.getElementById('ruleDesc').value = 'this is the data from database ok ?' if there is \n in database it will go to next line because of that ' after document.getElementById('ruleDesc').value is not completed can u please help me about that problem. than
  2. m not getting what u r saying. can u please explain me tht one.
  3. hi, m getting ' page instead of Apostrophe ( ' ). can u please help me about that. thanx in advance. code is --> document.getElementById("corpName").value = ''; suppose in text box in insert "Beneficiary's" after saving it display Beneficiary's.
  4. / > " alt="Open Forms" src="" style="cursor:hand" onclick="showHideAttachment(,'image','')"> ','','')" class="hand"> ','','')" class="tblrow-sp" style="text-d
  5. hi, i am displaying hidden TR in javascript. it is displaying fine in javascript. but it is working fine in IE. but not it display in wrong column in mozilla. can u please help me for that. thanx in advance.
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