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  1. thank you for your reply: my logic tells me what you suggest is as it should be done - and I think that is how I will end up doing it - only the pop-up that says : if you delete - one or more programs will fail to function. How serious will this be - any experience with this? I greatly appreciate you reply - thank you very much.... PS : see attached copy of my desk top showing DW and FileCure pop up that will not go away....
  2. Hello - I know I have been very stupid because I dragged the DW from an external harddisk and left it on the desk top - I do know that it should have been installed properly. Now when I try to trash it - it is the pop up message that says : if you delete - this might cause other programs not to work properly.... that worries me.... what if all my othe programs fail to function after this? And how will it be if I install DW CS3 after that....?? It is very kind of you to respond to my mail and I do appreciate your message - in fact I try to trash it and see what happens.... thank you!! PS : attach for your info my DW on desk to and the pop up from FileCure which cannot be delete....
  3. I am a very active ?granny? and have during the past few days experience horror! In order to fix some broken files in DW, I downloaded a help program called ?ParetoLogicSuport? which nested itself in DW with the consequence that all .dll files need re-opening and, for the moment, do not function. This Program has in fact been hijacked my computer. I have copied the warnings I received but they are in Danish and therefore of little use to anyone in Canada. The team launching this program tried to force me to pay for their services ? which I refused. It was indeed difficult to get rid of them ? once I threatened them with reporting their activities to Google ? 10 min later I had a map to assist me in uninstalling their program. BUT ? another consequence is that I cannot uninstall DW on my computer. 1. DW is located on my desk top (that is a mistake) ? and does not appear in ?delete programs?. 2. I cannot find uninstall in the many existing files in DW. If I try to delete DW, I get the following message: If you delete this program ? this or other programs will not function correctly. HOW CAN I DELETE DW from my desk top? I would indeed be grateful for some advice. Thanking you in advance?
  4. I live in Denmark and have created a websit for a fashion shop. On my page "kundeservice" I have a formalar with a "submit" button. I cannot make this button work... have absolutely no idea as to how I can make it work... I am not so good at htm coding - however, if there is someone out there who can help and perhaps suggestion a paysystem for my website, I am all ears!
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