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  1. Well I'm a Business graduate, I got interested in coding because I'd like to build my own e-commerce website and hopefully a good business from it. Though im currently not employed i've decided to use this time to build my skills and resume portfolio. I started to code with python just to try coding and it went well. but after learning more about web development, i realized that python is not where i should be focusing my efforts in order to achieve my goal. So I'm current learning the foundational front-end languages such as HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. I have to say that coding in Python has really helped me with Javascript. I'm still a novice but I'm enjoying my time. So after i finish, I'd like to go into back-end web development but I wasn't entirely sure where to get started. A Java coding friend of mine recommended C# and another server-side developer recommended PHP/Laravel. they both work for large corporations outside my country (Kenya). I have to mention that since i'm unemployed, I am still job hunting but that hasn't stopped me from coding. I recognize that I'm still young (24) and getting a coding job has been on my mind and it wouldn't be bad for me since the level of pay is much better than my previous business management roles. But I do not prefer working in large corporations, I'd like to work independently or in small groups just to build my experience on the way. P/s I found out about you on Youtube and I'd just wanted to say thanks for sharing your stories, you helped me not to give up in the early stages. Thanks for your time Uncle Stef Richie
  2. Hello Stef What would you recommend for novice front-end web developers, for back-end development ? Jumping from Javascript to PHP or Javascript to C#
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