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  1. Hey Stefan, I just recently sent an email to your stefan.killersites@gmail.com email account about having a 2nd online meeting this next Wednesday afternoon. Also, it'd be OK with me if we have this virtual meeting through Discord, if not then I'm OK with meeting through Google-Meet like last time. Anyways, thanks again and talk to you soon Stefan! Cheers, Tomas
  2. Hey Stefan, Thanks, I scheduled the meeting, if that time doesn't work for you then email me to reschedule the meeting. Also, I assume we're either going to use Zoom or Google-Meet, so I'll make sure that I have those apps ready to go for the online meeting. Cheers, Tomas
  3. Hey Stefan, I just purchased your coding boot camp program for $800. So before I start out, I would like to schedule a 1-on-1 online meeting with you. If your short on time it can be a quick 10 minute meeting. I would like to meet you personally, and explain my current situation and the goals that I'm trying to achieve with regards to Remote Freelance Programming. I'm very excited to begin this coding boot camp, and I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for creating this nice coding boot camp. Note: You can email me by using the email that I used to sign up for this mentoring boot camp. Cheers, Tomas Gallegos
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