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  1. newlanding.thumb.png.404b5ea593b3049e3fdd3776def89812.png

     New landing page? DeHartsWebDesign.com let me know what you think and what I should do to improve.


  2. I am thinking I should do a blog about Standing Rock since I have a lot of images I captured when I was there in 2016 what do you all think about this idea? 


  3. cagedillusions.com this is the first website I have ever created I realize the layout is not up to par but it is my first what do you all think?

    Screenshot 2021-05-14 184420.png

  4. Images of my first websites ever..

    Screenshot 2021-05-15 103731.png



  5. Image of my first blog I wrote all the code for...

    Screenshot 2021-05-15 083023.png

  6. I've been working on creating my first websites and webdesigns let me know what I need to work on and please don't pull any punches I learn best by getting in the ring with others who are better. DeHartsWebDesign.com, Cagedillusions.com, Tekagephp.com. plus my new blogs Dehartswebdesign.com and Tekagephp.wordpress.com😎thanks Shad DeHart🤓

    Screenshot 2021-05-14 221248.png

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