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  1. Have you ever started an ecommerce website? If the route I've decided to take was managed wordpress hosting and of course a WordPress website. With all of the options available what are the things I need to check off as far as a to do list. I understand what I want yet with so many plugins and so many plugins that are the same. What ones should I use to setup the store, the normal page area (it'll still be based upon a brief concept of the business and the products it has for sale) and of course the seo to the site along with desktop and mobile versions of viewing? I have been looking at woocommerce, and yeast. When reading yoasts seo premium pack what it describes it does seems it can be done on my own however I don't know how to yet I know how to research and do it. I think some of the paid options will help me expedite the creation of the site. Money isn't a problem yet the lower the cost of course is great. Any ideas, recommendations and cons of plugins you've seen would be great to hear about.
  2. How quickly are posts answered here. I'm new to the forum and looking for a place to ask and answer questions quick.
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