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  1. Everyone says margins, padding, absolutes, and floats are bad but I have everything working great will all those except this one little troublesome div. Honestly I would not know how to position a layout without those items, I am sure there is a more professional way, but I am restructuring this website from deprecated css styles such as moz-opacity and opacity. I am sure I am probably using styles not recommended by professionals but it does look really good besides that one troublesome div.
  2. Yes, I am thinking the same thing. I really thought I knew my CSS until I found out absolute and relative positioning and floats are not the best way to go. I just keep sitting there and thinking, without positioning how is a layout supposed to look good?
  3. Well for some reason because of all the nested div tags it will not validate for me, thanks for your help I will look into that
  4. <?php // checks to see if person is logged in if ($_SESSION['login'] == 1){ ?> Welcome, <?php echo $SESSION['name'] . "! (" . $SESSION['userid'] . ")"?> Status: <?php echo $_SESSION['status']; ?> Money: <?php echo $_SESSION['money']; ?> Bank: <?php echo $_SESSION['bank']; ?> Level: <?php echo $_SESSION['lvl']; ?> HP: <?php echo $_SESSION['hp']; ?> Exp: <?php echo $_SESSION['exp']; ?> Logout <?php } else { ?> Please Login to Start Playing Username: Password: Lost Password? <?php } ?> Welcome to Rigganmore The Land of a Thousand Dreams Not a Member?
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