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  1. I disabled this feature from my phone's settings. I mean, in the location section there are apps that can track your location. You just turn it off, and that's it. I never accept to share my location because I use several social media accounts accfarm.com for my business. If the app notices something suspicious it can report one of them or even block. Also, if you frequently post comments from different accounts, try to use different devices. In fact, in such circumstances, it is much safer to turn off the location tracking.
  2. I think that it is more comfortable through a social media though! Look, you can gain a good auditory and the whole process will be so much easier. Let's be honest, all that forum thing is slowly dying. That is because now people need speed, people need everything to be fancy and all that stuff! So, I suggest you better think of a good social media, like, I don't know, an Instagram page where you would have your potential visitors! Why not? World is evolving so should you do! If you are interested in getting your page big you can look here https://raincityseo.com/product/website-traffic-2/ . Y
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