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  1. Sorry about that! I thought this was open for everybody. I wasn't kidding when I said I didn't know how this worked.
  2. Falkencreative, Thank you for your answer! It's good to know that I wasn't totally wrong. That Flash isn't the best for search engines. When I make a newsmail I do it in dreamweaver and then I make small changes in html (the little I can). Can you recommend any tutorials or books to help me improve my webdesign knowledge. Time and money are an issue. Thanks
  3. Hi, It is the first time I write in a forum so I am not familiar with what is accepted and so on. I have read some of the rules, though. The person I work for asked me to help her change her website. She had one done in Flash (I have never worked with it). So I am looking around if I can do it myself or if I have to tell her to get it from another company. I am currently working on my own for this small company doing newsmails and stuff. I have studied multimedia. I have done some Dreamweaver, photoshop, Director, Premier and so on, but my programming skills are limited. My question is: Would it be realistic to do it on my own. I have been reading in the internet trying to figure out the next step to take, but it seems overwelming. All the things they say you have to consider to position your website to have a good ranking and so on. I would have to design everything on my own, she doesn't have a clue of what she wants/needs. Just that she wants people to find her site to get more clients and I am trying to figure out the best solution. I hope someone can give me an idea of how to get started with this project. Thanks
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