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  1. Yeah tried but just couldn’t get it to work. Was hoping to get some assistance 👍🏻🙏🏻
  2. Hi just need a little help. I’m using the recommended donate HTML on our basket so customers can add a charity donation to their order. I’d like to also make it possible to add a text/comments box so that if they wish to add a note they can and it will show up in the cart. I did try to add to it and managed to get a text box but when clicking ‘Donate’ the comments didn’t show in the basket so I deleted my attempt. This is the basic donate HTML I have so far from Romancart website.:<form action="https://www.romancart.com/cart.asp"method="post"><input type="hidden" name="itemname" value="Donation">Amount to Donate: <input type="text" name="price" value="" size="6"><input type="hidden" name="storeid" value="10000"><input type="hidden" name="quantity" value="1"><input type="submit" value="Donate"></form>
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