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  1. Hey Stef, Yes it's Alex. I found the private forum.
  2. Hi Steve this is encouraging. I'm shifting from software sales to hopefully into a coding career. I'm 200 years old . Yes older than Stef ! :). As for generating new leads, either you need to network or prospect. Your strategy and tactics will depend on your target market and your service offering and value proposition. Feel free to reach out if you need a sounding board?
  3. Hi Stef or anyone, can you kindly share the private link for the mentorship program? I've completed HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I can't remember all the nitty gritty code syntax ! LOL I do get the main concepts tho. Is this normal? I know I should be "fiddling, breaking and playing" with the source file/code provided for each course lesson. Alex
  4. Hi Everyone, Alex from Toronto just signed up for the Mentoring Program!
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