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  1. Yipeee!!! That did the trick, thanks again, you saved my live... I owe you one...
  2. Ben : You are the MASTER, thanks a million... now it looks 99% like it should be... I just now have the tiny problem when I used the position: relative;left: 800px; it is in the right location, but I have Scrollbars galore in IE7 and FF3 .... So, how do I position this now to the right instead of to the left, without the stupid scrollbars?? Thanks again, you got me already far further than I ever was ...
  3. Hey Ben: Nearly there , I hope... I added the information you said and it looks great in IE7, but in Firefox 3.0 it screws up the whole top section .... That is what I have there now in the CSS: #banner-top ul {list-style: none;padding: 0;margin: 0;display: block;white-space: nowrap;text-transform: uppercase;position: relative;left: 800px;} .jflanguageselection li { float:left; } Thanks for all your help...
  4. Thanks Benjamin for the quick reply... Tried what you said with the float left, but the two items are still written below each other... I do not have to use the display: block ... Just read this somewhere and tried it... actually basically when I take that out completely it still looks the same than with it ... So if I use it with or without the display and float it still looks the same... Here now the revised code: #banner-top ul {list-style: none;padding: 0;margin: 0;white-space: nowrap;text-transform: uppercase;position: relative;left: 800px;} Really a newbie
  5. I am certain for the Guru's this is one of the easiest questions, but I am kinda new to the CSS and I am running out of ideas. In a template I purchased for Joomla, I need to change the CSS for one particular place in order to show 2 items which are pulled from an ul List next to each other (horizontal) instead of below each other. I got the buttons removed already, but for the love of g... I can not get them to show next to each other ... That is How it looks at the moment: ENGLISH DEUTSCH And that is how it shall look: ENGLISH DEUTSCH That is what I have so
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