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  1. Hi! I have gone through the web foundations courses and they were great! Now I am starting with hte Studio Web projects. Since the courses are recorded in 2010 or so, is there a risk that we learn old standards? I have gone through "Form Validation JS, PHP", "Crud Basics MySqli PHP" and now starting at "PHP Tag cloud". I had not seen the "var" keyword before ( I started learning PHP in 2018) so I had to look it up. On Stackoverflow where someone replied: It's for declaring class member variables in PHP4, and is no longer needed. It will work in PHP5, but will raise an E_STRICT warning in PHP from version 5.0.0 up to version 5.1.2, as of when it was deprecated. Since PHP 5.3, var has been un-deprecated and is a synonym for 'public'. I guess the general content and principles are still valid but my plan is to go throuh the courses to get the general idea and then create PHP7 apps of my own to learn what is current standards. Or are there any plans in updating the videos??
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