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  1. A properly working carousel features a single row of images. If the pictures exceed the width of the viewport, the overflow will drop off to the left or right but are often accessed with left/right arrow keys. My carousel attempt isn't working properly. The overflow in my case drops down on the page creating one or more additional rows. and that i haven't gotten the Front End Development awesome arrows to seem either. Here is that the code: <!-- carousel here! --><div id="myCarousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel"><!-- Indicators --><ol class="carousel-in
  2. Hi, I am pretty new to HTML , javascript, jquery and Adobe captivate. I have to use captivate at work to build my e-learning courses. Captivate does not have drop down lists, so I have a stack developer application that overlays a Captivate text caption element with a "select" drop down element. It works to a point. The captivate slide opens with the "select" drop down covering the text caption element. However, when I resize the browser, all Captivate elements change with the browser, but the "select" drop down remains in the same location. I need it to follow the text caption
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